HOMETrack Call RecorderHow to Auto Call Recording on Samsung Phone for Free

How to Auto Call Recording on Samsung Phone for Free

Hidden Call Recorder - How to Record Call Audio on Android
How to Auto Call Recording on Samsung Phone for Free
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In this era when smart phones are used more and more frequently, mobile phone calls have become a way for people to communicate daily. And if when we are answering or making a call, when there are some very important materials that need to be recorded and retained, we are often in a panic state, and thus forget to press the recording button of the phone, and miss the recording and retention of important information.

At this time, the automatic recording call function of the mobile phone can be used for great purposes. Only a simple setting is needed to automatically record when we call, even if we forget to click the record button, we don't need to be nervous. And most Samsung mobile phones have the function of automatically recording calls. Let's learn how to automatically record calls on Samsung.

The call recording function of Samsung mobile phone

How to Auto Call Recording on Samsung Phone for Free
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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  • Find the phone's "phone" icon on the screen of your Samsung phone, and click to open it.
  • After entering the phone interface of the mobile phone, find the "3 small dots" in the upper right corner of the interface and click the button.
  • Select the "Settings" option in the interface that appears on the phone, and click Open.
  • After entering the mobile phone call settings interface, scroll down the interface and find the "record call" option, and click to enter.
  • After entering the phone recording call interface, turn on the switch on the right side of the "Auto Record Call" function in the interface.
  • After enabling the phone's automatic call recording function, we are clicking on the "Auto Record Call" option.
  • After entering the mobile phone automatic recording call interface, we can set the automatic recording call sound here. If you want to automatically record the calls of all numbers, you can select "All numbers". If you want to automatically record the call sound of an unknown number, select "Unsaved Number". If you want to automatically record the call sound of a specified number, select "Specify Number", and then click "Manage Number" under the specified number column, then enter the number you want to automatically record the call, and then click on the right "+" is fine.
  • Whether we are making or receiving a set call, the phone will automatically record the call sound.

Use the third application to record the call sound in real time

Due to privacy protection and legal restrictions in some regions, some models of mobile phones may not be able to use the automatic recording call function that comes with Samsung mobile phones. At this time, when recording a call on Android, you need to use a third-party application to record the real-time call sound. Using the mobile phone tracking application, you can record calls in real time and realize automatic recording of two-way calls. Record every sentence in the call, including outgoing/incoming call connection recording. It is a simple and easy-to-use call recording tool.

How to Auto Call Recording on Samsung Phone for Free
  • It can automatically record in real time, and the voices of both parties are very clear.
  • Both incoming and outgoing calls can record the call sound without losing any call records.
  • The sound is very clear, no noise, and good sound quality.
  • Sort all recording files by time, or by name, or by date for easy viewing in the future.
  • Play recording files, you can also export the recording files into mp3 files.
  • Save the recording file to any directory of your choice on the phone storage or SD card.
  • The kernel is powerful, compact and stable, supports the most mobile phone models, and is compatible with different mobile phone operating system versions.

How to secretly record the voice of the other party on a Samsung phone

You can install it on the target device to record the phone call in the most realistic way, allowing you to access the target phone device and record the call sound in real time. In addition, the monitoring program also contains all kinds of remote control functions, the application automatically hides, monitors screen content, monitors text messages, email tracking, geofencing, location tracking, keyboard input, social media, chat conversations and VoIP call records, etc. . In addition to tracking real-time calls, you can also monitor other activities on your mobile device.

How to Auto Call Recording on Samsung Phone for Free
  • View social media conversations
  • View multimedia files, pictures, videos
  • Tracking email
  • Capture images remotely
  • Track GPS location
  • Phone screenshots and recorded videos
  • Monitor social media chat

Voice recorder that comes with the phone

Samsung mobile phones have always been one of the most popular brands in the market. The smart phones developed by this brand have multiple functions, and recording is one of them. The recording function is very important, it can record the sound of the event anytime and anywhere. Samsung mobile phone voice recorder is very easy to find, let's learn how to use the voice recorder function of Samsung mobile phone.

How to Auto Call Recording on Samsung Phone for Free

Where is the sound recorder that comes with Samsung phones?

  • The sound recorder that comes with Samsung phones is in the application list.

How to use the sound recorder that comes with the Samsung phone?

  • In the boot state, click on the application.
  • Go to the application page and click the recorder option icon.
  • Enter the recording page and click the recording button.
  • The page shows that it has entered the recording state and starts to record the sound.
  • When the recording is over, click the stop button.
  • The recording page shows that the recording file is saved, and the recording is successful.

Google recording function

The phone call recording function is not a native function integrated in the Android system. It is usually the mobile phone manufacturer that integrates this function into their own ROM based on market demand. In recent years, there have been news successively that Google intends to integrate such a function in the Android system. The latest news shows that Google's call recording function will be directly obtained through application upgrades.

Google recently released a supporting document on how to use the application to record calls, and the document has been deleted. According to relevant screenshots of media reports, Google will add a call recording function to Android phones. This function only supports systems running Android 9 or later and must be used "on supported devices and countries or regions."

When you use the call recording function for the first time, the system will remind you that you are responsible for complying with local laws and regulations, and when a user of one party is recording, the other party can also receive related notifications of the start or end. The call recording function can only be used when the call is connected. The call recording will be stored locally on the device. You can click on the recent call and select the corresponding call record to see the recording file and process it. Therefore, in terms of privacy issues, it will be very difficult for Google to launch the call recording function, because the laws and regulations of some countries or regions do not support call recording.

Call recording is a function available in Android versions prior to Android 9 Pie. In Android 9 Pie, Google shut down the solution developers used to record audio on the phone. Since the release of the Android6 system, Google has not provided a formal call recording API, and users have to rely on the call recording function pre-installed in the dialer by the OEM.

So far, the Google Phone application does not support call recording. Although we know that Google is working hard to restore the call recording API in the future Android version, this means that users who urgently need the call recording function have to find other ways to get the call recording function, including for Pixel series and Android One series smartphones. Root to install third-party related applications.

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