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How to Catch My Wife Cheating and Find Signs of Wife Cheating on Her Phone

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How to Catch My Wife Cheating and Find Signs of Wife Cheating on Her Phone

Have you noticed that your wife doesn't pay attention to you anymore and pays more attention to her phone. This behavior has become quite common. Powerful smartphones and a plethora of social apps allow people to meet more people of the opposite sex and strangers online. The advancement of technology has brought convenience to life, but also brought some damage to the trust between husband and wife. One of the problems is betrayal between husband and wife, have you ever thought about your wife/girlfriend cheating on you by cheating on you on WhatsApp? We'll discuss some behaviors that might be seen as warning signs, let's take a look at how to know your wife/girlfriend is cheating on you.

In the Western romantic imagination, a monogamous relationship constitutes a sociocultural ideal. For this reason, loyalty is often one of the most valuable aspects of a relationship, as it forms a binding force that ensures the lasting relationship of the marriage, regardless of the passage of time or the resulting changes in the couple's relationship. But a large number of digital media social software brings new problems, such as WhatsApp, which is a very convenient way of communication. Compared to face-to-face conversations, WhatsApp is able to interact with strangers remotely without being limited by time and space. It has become common for your partner to meet new people of the opposite sex online, and they flirt, fall in love, interact cheat and even send pornographic images and videos online.

Your partner meets someone new on social networks and cheats on you, but it's hard to define whether he's unfaithful to you. She cheated on you emotionally or betrayed you physically, usually you don't know the details. Questions remain about the perceived infidelity of couples on the Internet. Couples make rules about what is and isn't acceptable behavior, but those rules are often not expressed, and the other is assumed to be breaking those rules.

How to know if your wife/girlfriend is cheating on you on social media

Behaviors commonly associated with infidelity on the Internet are cybersex, sexting, secret dating, flirting, and viewing pornography. Some studies have assessed that online infidelity has a smaller negative impact on primary relationships than offline infidelity due to lack of physical contact. Other studies have found that nonsex-related behaviors, such as sharing secrets, expressing concerns, or communicating on a daily basis, have the potential to spark conflict.

How to Catch My Wife Cheating and Find Signs of Wife Cheating on Her Phone

How to know if your wife/girlfriend is cheating on you on WhatsApp

While there are ways to investigate possible infidelity by directly censoring their social media, taking such action can be detrimental and can increase anxiety over suspected betrayal. For this reason, we provide information on studies devoted to identifying behaviors that may be associated with infidelity through social networks. Some of the following behaviors can usually be checked to determine whether they are disloyal.

  • You check their WhatsApp conversations and they're pissed about it.
  • They hide their phone's social media conversations or content.
  • They are more intimate with other people on social media than they are with you.
  • If you ask her who she interacts with on social media, they will get bored.
  • They will change the unlock code to prevent you from viewing their phone.

Intuition or premonition of the presence of betrayal

Study participants defined it as a visceral feeling, a bad feeling, and some women defined it as a female intuition. Changes in wife/girlfriend behavior before or during betrayal. Some examples of these changes are:

  • Spending more and more time on WhatsApp
  • start losing weight
  • buy new clothes
  • dissatisfied with you
  • hide phone secrets

Furthermore, in addition to general changes in daily behavior, there is a particular tendency to hide things. Some examples include:

  • Enter the room alone to use the phone
  • keep an eye on their phones
  • Deleting conversations and messages frequently
  • unwilling to communicate with you

The two sides of betrayal

Psychological research has found that betrayal has two sides. On the one hand, the cheated: Almost all cheated people (93%) believe that betrayal damages the marital relationship, which leads to lower satisfaction and long-term suspicion and suspicion. Intimate relationships are completely different from ordinary relationships. Ordinary acquaintances cannot completely hurt and betray us like our loved ones, and we will not give them this right at all. So our partner hurts us more than anyone else can.

On the flip side are the traitors: everyone is the best debater of their own actions.

Betrayers know that betrayal is bad. In order to balance their moral conscience and make themselves feel better, they will try to weaken and underestimate their betrayal behavior, or remove themselves from the word betrayal.

How to Catch My Wife Cheating and Find Signs of Wife Cheating on Her Phone

What to do in the face of betrayal

People who believe in love, if sand is mixed in their relationship, it will inevitably cause cracks and it will be difficult to repair. As for life partners, it means compromising and maintaining a moderate sense of distance in the relationship. Two people do not need to be completely compatible, and they can be maintained by satisfying their respective needs.

Accepting the reality of betrayal is difficult, and betrayal generally has a detrimental effect on intimacy. Still, certain coping strategies are more effective in the face of a partner's betrayal. They can reduce anxiety and cope better with betrayal if they try to:

  • Courage to formally betray without denying its existence.
  • Reinterpret betrayal in a positive light and use it as a driver for personal growth.
  • Rely on friends for support.

When people subjectively deny the existence of betrayal, it does not seem to bring much benefit, but is deeply immersed in negative emotions such as pain and resentment, and has to rely on alcohol, smoking, etc., to cover up the pain.

Forgiveness is essential if a painful act of betrayal has occurred and the intimacy is to continue. Forgiveness is "a decision to forgo your revenge against someone who has treated you unfairly". Forgiveness is a process in which "both parties acknowledge the harmful behavior" and "the victimized partner grants undeserved forgiveness to the misbehaving partner". When you forgive others, you let go of the desire for revenge, let go of your resentment; you are not absolving (or forgetting) your partner's misconduct, but you do express "a willingness to get out of the vicious circle of mutual abuse and blame. ", which lays the groundwork for a possible reconciliation and restoration of the relationship.

Fortunately, people who are in close, committed intimacy are more likely to forgive their partners than those who are less committed, both because empathy is more likely and because the betrayer is more likely to apologize. Partners in satisfying intimate relationships are also more likely to use lenient, compassionate attributions to explain the betrayer's misconduct as charitably as possible, which also makes forgiveness more practical.

Forgiveness reduces our hurt and pain, replaces anger with calmness, and promotes reconciliation with our partner. There is no doubt that in an intimate relationship, forgiveness is more desirable and beneficial to the hurting partner than revenge. Ultimately, the damage a betrayal does to an intimate partnership can be severe. When a partner misbehaves, it can make us very miserable, but there are even more reasons to work hard to repair any intimacy that has been compromised.

How to Catch My Wife Cheating and Find Signs of Wife Cheating on Her Phone

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How do you know if your husband or wife is cheating on you? The best way is through a cell phone spy app where you can remotely see what's going on on their phone and find out the truth to confirm your suspicions.

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