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Should couples protect their privacy on their phones?

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With the advancement of technology, the functions of mobile phones have become more and more powerful. Now you can go out without a bag or money, but you must not take a mobile phone with you. Moreover, the mobile phone is a personal item, and there are many secrets in it that you do not want people to know. There will be such a problem between husband and wife, they will want to look at each other's mobile phone, if the other party is unwilling, they will say that the other party has something to hide from themselves, and if they do something bad and do not want to let themselves know, they will not let themselves look at it. Mobile phones, some people think that looking at the mobile phone is a distrust of themselves, while some people think that the husband and wife should not have any secrets that the other party should not know. Looking at the mobile phone is not a big deal.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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So now it's a controversial topic whether couples should protect their privacy and keep each other from looking at their phones, or whether they should be honest about looking at their phones. This topic will have its own reason no matter what, there is no way to say who is right and who is wrong.

Husbands and wives should trust each other and keep some privacy

Many times I feel that I have two sets of standards for doing things. I don't like my husband to look at my cell phone casually, but sometimes I want to look at my husband's cell phone. But I still control myself, because I think that no matter what the husband and wife do, they should trust each other, and everyone will have their own little secrets that they don't want to let others know. So whenever I have the urge to look at my husband's phone, I think about these things, and I think that I should have enough trust in my other half, and I can't do things that my husband doesn't like because of my possessiveness and curiosity.. If you want to get to know your husband, you don't have to check your husband's mobile phone in a bad way. You can communicate and care more about your husband through your daily routine, so that you can better maintain the relationship between husband and wife.

Should couples protect their privacy on their phones?

There is nothing between husband and wife that cannot be seen by each other, very frank

Before my husband and I got married, we had reached a consensus that there was nothing between husband and wife that should not be known to the other, and that we had to be honest with each other. Because I am a person who cannot accept deception, and because I grew up in a divorced family, I feel less secure than the average person. My requirement for marriage is that my husband must be loyal. My husband loves me very much and is very tolerant to me. So after we get married, two people's mobile phones are not something that cannot be known to each other, and they never care about each other taking their own mobile phones and looking at their own mobile phones.

If two people can completely trust each other and their relationship is stable enough, there will be no such behavior of using the other's mobile phone to soothe their unease. Xiaoyi Lecture Hall: Many couples can't reach an agreement on whether they should look at each other's mobile phones, which will lead to quarrels between husbands and wives. In the face of this issue, if it is not handled properly, it will also bring unavoidable troubles to the marriage. Faced with this problem with no standard answer, it is necessary for the husband and wife to communicate together and find a solution to avoid affecting the relationship between husband and wife due to such a problem.

Mobile phones are an indispensable tool in our daily life today. Using mobile phones, we can do many things, which brings more convenience to our life. But at the same time, a lot of personal information is also recorded in the mobile phone. Once this information is seen by others, it may affect oneself. Therefore, we do not want our mobile phones to be viewed by others on a daily basis. However, different people will have different opinions on whether their partner should let the other party look at their mobile phone.

Some people think that partners should be frank and that there is no problem with checking their partner's phone.

For some people, they believe that there should be openness between partners. Therefore, these people believe that there is no problem with partners looking at each other's mobile phones. Not only can they watch, but it can also enhance mutual trust and affection. These people believe that the use of cellphones between partners is not only appropriate, but beneficial.

Some people think that there should be personal space between partners, and they can't look at their partner's mobile phone.

For others, the relationship between partners is close, but they also need to have their own space. Therefore, these people believe that partners should not look at each other's phones, which is a necessary measure to protect their respective spaces, and should do so.

Interactions between partners are more frequent and deeper than others.

Your partner is the person closest to you. The relationship status between partners is much closer and more intimate than the relationship between yourself and other people. So things like looking at each other's phones, which happen between partners, are normal.

Candor between partners is not completely transparent and is conditional.

However, the relationship between partners, while intimate, cannot be unconditionally open and transparent. In fact, even the closest couples have their own separate space for each other. This relationship is the most stable state. Therefore, it is no problem for couples to look at information on each other's mobile phones that does not involve personal secrets. For those information that involves personal secrets, they will pay attention to avoid them, so as to maintain a normal relationship between each other, and two people can maintain a close and harmonious relationship and live a happy life.

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