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How to spot cheaters and avoid getting scammed on dating sites?

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How to spot cheaters and avoid getting scammed on dating sites?
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Online dating has been popular for many years. Interest in dating sites has grown and with it, scams of all types. Liars are everywhere, and we recognize them in different ways, both in "real" and virtual lives. Dating sites have never been more popular than they are today.

Fraudsters register users on multiple sites at the same time. If we find that the same person exists on different websites, this should raise our vigilance. No one can guarantee that a well-known dating app is safe from fake profiles, but at least we know we're using something we know and didn't intend to commit fraud in the first place. Apart from well-known and relevant portals, new products appear from time to time, and this is where you should be doubly vigilant. The newly created matchmaking portals are sometimes only used to extract confidential information and finally, payment information about using them. Unfortunately, we often get nothing in return. If, after creating a profile, we receive several messages from people of potential interest that contain a sentence, and the lack of a photo or a photo raises our suspicions, it may prove that the site is fake.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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How do you know someone you meet on a dating site is a liar?

When we meet someone online, we count on the other person to be completely honest. Unfortunately, this rule doesn't always work. But there are signs we may be talking to marriage scammers. Photos are one of the first elements we focus on, whether it's about a man or a woman. Showing very attractive photos in different parts of the world, let's try to google them and see each other's web traces.

How to spot cheaters and avoid getting scammed on dating sites?

You should also be careful if the person you are talking to does not have a photo. This also works for sending blurry photos. You can ask the other person to send two photos so we can easily identify the same person, although sometimes the photos are the same. Of course this is to make as many friends as possible who can verify whether the photo is original or copied from the web.

marital status

Determining marital status and whether the other party has children is the main thing outsourced to experts, which can be verified based on observation. Secretly observe what kind of lifestyle the other person lives every day, what kind of environment he moves in. Environmental interviews were conducted more than once, and of course all activities were conducted in secret.


When meeting someone over the internet, you have to be on your toes from the start. We never know who is sitting on the other side. Computer forensics allows you to verify this before the meeting even begins. Even when dating, we can't always be sure that the people we meet are who they say they are. After all, he didn't show their IDs, and even if he did, we're not sure if they were authentic. Detectives know how to check it. This is possible thanks to computer forensics activities, but also through observation.

Check if the other person has provided a real experience

People you meet online often lie about their professional lives and more. Facts about occupation, place of work, and place of residence are exaggerated. Sometimes they brag about their accomplishments, successes, or material possessions. A private investigator can check all of these without any problem. If the other person talks about their successful career and showcases their extremely varied history, it may be worth simply commissioning a detective to check.

How to spot cheaters and avoid getting scammed on dating sites?

Most Common Online Scams

A lot of online scams are about money. Any request for money should automatically raise awareness as a sign not to continue the relationship. Not even the most promising acquaintances can go that route. The most popular collection fraud models are as follows:

scam money

Marriage fraud involving defrauding money is a real plague today, but also a great danger. There's a lot of talk about it now. The police are regularly notified of new methods. One of the most popular questions is women or men who need financial help after a while. Everything started as usual, the conversation went really well and the liar was able to generate interest and slowly gain trust. After some time, the topic of borrowing money comes up and such people seek financial help immediately in real life or even just after getting acquainted. Often their stories sound innocent. For example, banks stopped transferring money or something equally creative. And after lending money to each other, they disappear forever. Importantly, this type of scam works for both women and men. The man has an interesting, impressive biography, and the woman needs help escaping her husband or family.

A scam for foreigners seeking help

We often hear some handsome foreigners need financial help after a few conversations. The pattern is usually the same, amazing life experiences, compliments, intimate conversations, sending affectionate messages, talking about falling in love, meeting. Fraudsters can even provide evidence to support these stories. Of course after several pleasant conversations and numerous compliments, the handsome man asked to lend them a small fee, such as paying for air tickets, visas or other expenses. The creativity of con artists knows no bounds.

What Should You Be Alerted To On Dating Sites?

When meeting someone, whether online or in real life, there are a few things you should pay special attention to.

suspicious word spelling
If there is an error in the message, in the person's native language, then we should be careful. In fact, we've been able to recognize it from the description.

complex compliments and descriptions
If we get complicated compliments, let's check to see if we've found similar compliments online. You should be wary of copying and pasting messages, even if the other person starts translating them.

Suspicious Internet Links
Honest users of dating sites include, for example, their favorite band or song in the description. If we get links and they're weird addresses, it's best not to click on those links.

emotional manipulation
If a guy you meet on a dating site confesses to us after a few conversations, it means he's just manipulating us. Unfortunately, there are a lot of naive people on the web. Let's remember the initial distance. In fact, it's hard to know who we're chatting with without meeting in person.

Contradictions in conversation, confusing facts
Dating cheaters often confuse the facts and don't remember what they told us in subsequent conversations.

don't want to meet in real life
The fact that the other person doesn't want to meet you in real life should arouse your suspicions. If, after a few conversations, the person we're talking to keeps putting off meeting and trying to change the subject, then we can be sure the other person is a liar.

Scammers on Dating Sites - How Can We Help?

Online scams on dating sites can end in different ways. Extortion and theft happen a lot, and of course you can verify the information to some extent. For example by researching and verifying information online, you need to use common sense and not blindly trust the monitor and the person on the other side typing. But when fraud occurs, the case should be reported to the police or the data analyzed step by step with the help of the detective agency. It should be emphasized that nothing is lost online, so fraudsters can often be found. Of course the matter is handled by computer forensics experts. By delegating an investigation to the appropriate person, we can ensure that appropriate action is taken immediately.

Safe Dating - Check out who you've met online

As mentioned earlier, we all come across dishonest people, both in the real world and in the virtual world. Dangers are everywhere, but you need to use common sense. Keep a certain distance from each new acquaintance at the beginning. If we have the opportunity, we should verify the other party's real information, such as through the Internet or by seeking help from a private investigator. Online fraudsters have excellent manipulation techniques and know how to keep their lies from being exposed. By commissioning a detective, you can determine whether someone you know is trustworthy.

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