HOMESpy Another PhoneHow to spy my partner's phone for free - App to see WhatsApp messages

How to spy my partner's phone for free - App to see WhatsApp messages

Best Apps to Spy on Another Cell Phone - Mobile Tracker Free Download

How to spy my partner's phone for free - App to see WhatsApp messages

Has your husband or wife cheated? Usually 85% of wives suspect that their husbands are cheating, and 50% of husbands suspect that their wives are cheating. The latest research shows that about 55% of men and 45% of women cheated on each other at least once during their marriage, while 70% of married women and 54% of married men are unaware of their spouse's unfaithfulness.

Nowadays, social networks are very popular, and people use social apps to connect with friends, relatives and family. These social apps are very convenient to use and can send pictures, text, videos, voices, etc. People in modern society can no longer adapt to life without social apps. However, in some cases, it is not needed or has the opposite effect. For example, employees waste too much time on social apps during work, they negotiate secretly with competitors, and even their partners date others on the Internet. If you want to avoid these situations, you need to use software to track and monitor them.

Protect your family

The more developed the society, the more social disadvantages. Many bad information on the Internet can easily cause harm to teenagers and children. Using mobile phone monitoring software allows you to easily monitor the usage of your child's mobile phone to ensure your child's safety. You can easily monitor all mobile phone activities, GPS location, call history, social media, text messages, etc.

How to spy my partner's phone for free - App to see WhatsApp messages


Trust between husband and wife is very important and essential to a successful marriage. Studies have shown that as many as 36% of women check the mobile phones of their husbands and partners. More and more women decide to install spy apps on their mobile phones. The mobile spy app is one of the best tools that allows you to check the loyalty of your partner.

Protect your business

Nowadays, the most important thing for a company is the trust of employees. Without it, it is impossible to run a company. We know this ourselves, so you must protect your company from being illegally violated by employees. We provide you with a solution to eavesdrop on the conversation, GPS location, and listen to the surrounding environment during contact with the contractor, which will help you check if your employees have cheated you. If the employee uses the equipment provided by the employer, all of this is legal.

Signs of infidelity

The first and most obvious sign of a husband or wife cheating is a clear loss of interest in the partner. If the other party is upset, does not pay attention to your partner, and is still sitting on the phone or computer, this is the first sign of possible betrayal. In addition, changes in daily life may also indicate that your wife or husband is cheating. For example, when the husband starts to work overtime, the wife will find that the husband is elsewhere or not answering the phone, which may be a sign of betrayal. In addition, the change in the opponent's appearance is another important sign that someone is cheating or is about to cheat. Husbands began to go to the gym, barbershop, and dress better, while women began to dress themselves more beautifully in all aspects.

How to spy my partner's phone for free - App to see WhatsApp messages

Cell phone spyware

How do you know if your husband or wife is cheating on you? The best way is through a mobile phone spy application software, you can remotely view everything happening in their mobile phone, find out the truth to confirm your suspicion.

  • Hide the application icon
    After installation, the software immediately disappears from the phone and runs in the background.
  • GPS location tracking
    the current GPS location of the target phone.
  • Preview and listen to your surroundings from the camera
    You can activate the front or rear camera at any time. You will get images from the camera, and you will be able to hear what is happening near the phone.
  • Mobile phone installed applications
    You can view which applications are installed on the target phone and which applications are being uninstalled.
  • EavesdropSMS
    You can view all SMS and MMS of the target phone.
  • Copy photos from your phone
    You will receive all the photos of all target phones, and you can always access them.
  • Screenshot of mobile phonescreen
    The spy software will automatically take screenshots of the screen, and you can view all screenshots remotely.
  • Record ambient sound in "Hidden Voice Recorder Mode"
    Record anything you want anytime, anywhere. Due to the hidden voice recorder function, the user will not realize that everything near him has been recorded.
  • A copy of the phone book
    All saved contacts can be checked directly from the panel and phone numbers.
  • Visited websites
    You will be able to check which websites they have visited in the past through the Chrome browser.
  • Live listening
    Thanks to this feature, you will be able to hear what is happening around your phone at any time with perfect quality.
  • Monitor instant messages of social media Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram.
    Using mobile phone spy software, you can monitor the messages and emails of Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, etc. Please note that end-to-end encryption cannot intercept chat messages. These are the so-called secret chats or secret conversations.
  • Phone recording
    application software can record outgoing and incoming calls, and record the voice of the call.
  • Access SD card
    You can view the contents of the SD card directly from the online panel. Access various files, such as: zip, pdf, jpeg, png,.doc,.exel.
  • Text recorder
    You can view the text content entered by the user on the mobile phone.
How to spy my partner's phone for free - App to see WhatsApp messages

Reasons for betrayal by partner

According to statistics, men cheat more often. However, this does not mean that the reasons for men's derailment are very different from the reasons for women's derailment. Marriage is like a garden, you must take care of it, otherwise it will be overgrown with weeds and its appearance will scare you. Marriage is the same. If there is not enough will and time to cultivate feelings, it will wither. Women are betrayed for the same reasons as men. Marriage becomes lack of love, warmth and commitment. Routines and indifference sneak in, and the daily gray life can kill any feelings. Such people may decide to jump aside because they need emotions, they need to feel that they are important to someone and want to experience feelings. Usually betrayal is the last sign of a marriage problem, and the entire marriage is in the balance. If the other party cheats, because the relationship starts to bore him, their relationship is actually gone. This can also happen when a person has never really prepared for a relationship and does not want to give up their single lifestyle.

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