HOMERead Text MessageHow to view deleted SMS messages and call logs in your partner's phone?

How to view deleted SMS messages and call logs in your partner's phone?

Spy Text Message App - How to Read Someone's Text Messages
How to view deleted SMS messages and call logs in your partner's phone?
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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SMS Monitoring - What is it and how does it work?

Do you want to know who your wife or husband is secretly messaging in the room? Is your child constantly texting strangers? You check their cell phone records, but you can't see any historical text messages because they have deleted them all. Do you want to check the text messages they send but don't know how?

Cell phone spy app is an app to eavesdrop on SMS messages, install spy app software and stop your worrying. Cell phone spy apps can help you find out the truth about your relationship and effectively protect your children from cybercriminals.

You can view these contents through SMS monitoring:

View all SMS records
Inbox and Outbox of cell phone spy app enables you to view all sent and received SMS messages. With the help of this feature, you can effectively discover if your relationship is in jeopardy. You can get all the information of your phone remotely using the online panel.

Monitor sent media files
Cell phone spy application enables you to view media files sent via MMS, including pictures and voice content.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Monitor deleted SMS messages
They usually delete all traces of the phone, including text messages sent and received. Cell phone spy app will recover deleted whole SMS messages.

View SMS History
Accessing SMS history is extremely important when we want to know who our kids have talked to in the past. Cell phone spy app logs all SMS messages. You can select the recipient or sending time to inquire.

Professional technical support
Our team will help you to install SMS hacking app on the target phone. We also provide post-installation technical support.

How to view deleted SMS messages and call logs in your partner's phone?

Learn about the capabilities of the latest generation of cell phone tracking spy software.

Know the capabilities of the latest generation of cell phone tracking spy software that will give you the information you need and remove any of your doubts. Cell Phone Tracking Spyware is an application that we build together with our clients. Other similar software usually requires the target phone to be rooted before it can be used, which often leads to the destruction of the phone. Cell phone tracking spyware is perfectly safe and does not require such processing.

Invisible app icons
Immediately after installation the software disappears from the phone and runs in the background.

GPS location tracking
A cell phone spy app enables you to locate your device and you can know where the target cell phone is at any time. You can view the location in real time on an interactive map. Receive notifications when they arrive at their destination. This feature maps the phone's full GPS track throughout the day.

Listen to ambient sounds with camera preview
You can activate the front or rear camera at any time. You'll get a picture from the camera, and you'll hear what's going on near your phone.

View photos taken from the front and rear cameras
You can take a photo from the front camera or the rear camera at any time. This feature allows you to check if the target cell phone user is really where he told you.

View the various apps installed on the phone
You can easily see what apps are installed on your phone, how long they spend on those apps each day, and apps that have been uninstalled.

Highest level of data security
We care about our customers and their privacy, by changing password authorization service on the online panel, you will have your data protected with 2-step password verification, bringing the greatest possible security to your data. Google Authenticator generates 2-step verification codes on your phone. Make your account even more secure with 2-step verification, since two verification methods are required to log in. Along with your passcode, you'll need to enter a verification code generated by the Google Authenticator app on your phone. With this option, no one can access your online accounts except you.

text message hacking
Eavesdropping intercepts all SMS and MMS messages, including all SMS records they have deleted.

Copy photos and videos from your phone
You will receive all photos and videos taken by direct users with their mobile phones, and you can view these pictures and videos at any time.

Record ambient sound
You can record ambient sound after turning on the microphone of your phone at any time. And the user won't notice that everything around him is being recorded, you can listen to it all in the online panel.

Mobile screen preview
Cell phone spy apps have a screen capture feature so you will see what activities are going on on the target phone. Note that this feature works similar to normal screenshots. On some phones, a TV icon may appear.

Get phone book
You can view all saved contacts, phone numbers, emails, postal addresses, profile pictures and more directly from the online panel.

view visited sites
You'll see which websites your target mobile phone users browsed, and when they visited them.

live sound listening
Thanks to this feature, you will be able to hear what is happening around your phone at any time and in excellent quality.

Social Media App Monitoring
Spy apps can monitor Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, TikTok, Tinder, and more. But if the dialogue is written very quickly, it will be impossible to intercept all the information. In addition, end-to-end encrypted chat messages do not allow interception. These are so-called secret chats or secret conversations, or setting the app to not block notifications. Cell phone spy apps only monitor text messages. In addition, the app can monitor VoIP calls, photos and videos sent.

Listen to call recordings
The cell phone spy app will record outgoing calls as well as incoming calls. In some models of Android mobile phones, due to the restrictions of the mobile phone manufacturers, the ability to record calls is limited or the voice of the other party cannot be recorded.

Live GPS Location Tracking
Real-time positioning and tracking of the target mobile phone through GPS signals, and draw a complete historical positioning path. You can query the positioning location and positioning time.

View files saved in SD card
You can view all the files saved in the SD card, such as compressed documents, videos, photos, doc type and pdf files, etc.

word recorder
The spy app will record any text the user fills in on the phone, and you can check the sending time, the content of the text filled in, the App information being used, etc. Due to factory policy restrictions, the application cannot capture passwords.