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how to locate my husband or wife's cell phone - Free mobile spy app

GPS Phone Locater - How to Track Phone Number Location Online
how to locate my husband or wife's cell phone - Free mobile spy app
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If everything in life is as simple as locating a mobile phone by number, then interpersonal relationships will be completely different. Unfortunately, we are not always able to fully trust each other, which is why we need cell phone monitoring in our daily lives. More and more people are using solutions provided by modern technology to monitor employees, track the mobile phones of wives or husbands, and track partners or mobile phone numbers. In the case of your mobile phone being stolen or lost, locating your mobile phone via the Internet has also proven to be feasible, and you don't have to pay high costs or use complex technical means. All you need is a simple application for Android phones.

Find phone numbers quickly and efficiently

In order to ensure the easiest steps and secret operations, we hope to provide a reliable application for all Android device users so that you can track your phone. Now the smart phone will get another useful function, it will become a phone locator. The principle of operation is very simple, it is based on GPS location or phone login from BTS station. No matter which option you use, you can quickly find the location. The most important thing is that the software can secretly track the mobile phones of your wife, husband, children, elderly, employees, and find your stolen smartphone.

how to locate my husband or wife's cell phone - Free mobile spy app
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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In addition, when our device is stolen or lost, tracking the phone number is also very useful, and this situation is not uncommon. Sometimes after attending a gathering of friends, I will ask myself where is my phone the next day? Smartphones may have fallen into the hands of thieves or even auctioned online. Using special location software, you can quickly obtain data about the stolen phone's access to the network. This information will greatly help us search our own devices, and they can also significantly reduce the waiting time of your phone. Therefore, installing location software on mobile phones can solve many problems. Our users already know how to track mobile phones by number.

How to locate and track the target phone?

Do you want to know where your family is at the moment, or maybe you need a professional tool to monitor employees? The software can run secretly without being discovered (the person being tracked does not know that he is being tracked), and it can also ensure that your company obtains visible economic benefits. It will enable you to manage employee time more effectively, optimize efficiency and travel costs, and ensure easier supervision of employees.

Locating a mobile phone is nothing more than determining the geographic coordinates of its mobile phone. There are many ways to obtain an accuracy of up to a few meters to determine the location of the target device. Every mobile phone is permanently assigned an International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI number for short. But to locate such a device, it must be used in a GPS network and connected to the so-called BTS, which is related to the range of the mobile phone. This is when data is exchanged between the mobile device and the site, during which the operation of sending the IMEI number is valid. The target device must be within the range of at least three base stations, which allows the use of triangulation methods to determine the location of the device. Advanced algorithms can determine position accuracy up to 50 meters.

However, when the battery of the mobile phone is exhausted or the person is located in a sparsely populated area or any place where the GPS transmitter does not have enough signal, the phone location software cannot be used. Usually tracking the phone is simple and fast, you can check the authenticity of the location of others and take care of the safety of your children or the elderly in the best way, especially when they are in danger or cheating you.

how to locate my husband or wife's cell phone - Free mobile spy app

Positioning software function

  • Phone tracking-phone location via GPS or BTS
  • Route tracking-record the route taken by the device
  • Security and Anonymity-Access panel is protected by password and login
  • Accuracy-Phone number location software can ensure accuracy up to 10 meters
  • Phone location-you can continuously check the location of the target phone
  • Save location-automatically save location every 5 minutes
  • Simple operation-intuitive panel, simple operation, mobile phone positioning is done through the Internet

We can use the online phone location service in two ways, which will be discussed in detail below.

Phone location using the app

The Android Device Manager is available to users of Android system devices. Like the other apps we mentioned, it can be found in the Google Play Store. Simple to use, only need to register a Google account, that is, log in in a way similar to Gmail mailbox. However, if we want to check the location of other people in this way, we must have physical access to the second device to install it. After completing these steps, we can access Google Maps to indicate the location of the selected person.

In addition to phone location services, Cerberus also provides other interesting features. It is worth mentioning that, for example, if someone has unauthorized access to our SIM card, you can turn on an alert. Many customers learn about the company from antivirus or spam protection and delete it from their computers, tablets, or smartphones. Another proposition of internet users is the tracking number, the app is very easy to use. Like Google tools, there is also a need to interfere with the other party's mobile phone. This is sometimes problematic, especially when we need to obtain information about the other party's whereabouts in an emergency, so we don't have physical access to their device.

Although the popular apps available in the Google Play store are listed, we cannot guarantee that you will get location information. In the market, you will find a variety of different applications that allow you to track your number. For people who use iOS, apps can be found in the AppStore, and one of the most famous apps is an app called Safe Family. Most apps for Android and iOS are free, but some options are available after purchasing the premium package. In addition, people with Windows devices can find dedicated applications for themselves, but the number of available applications for such devices is still limited, and most people use location applications to get the location when the device is stolen or lost.

how to locate my husband or wife's cell phone - Free mobile spy app

Use GPS to track Orange, Plus, Play or T-Mobile phones

GPS Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system that allows you to determine geographic coordinates with an accuracy of a few meters. To locate the phone, you need to use an application installed on your smartphone. But it should be noted that this is a tracking of a mobile device, not a mobile phone number. These applications work in the background of the phone, collect location information and send them to the server. If the phone is stolen but the app is not installed, it cannot be tracked. The operating system (Android or iOS) requires consent in its regulations to send the location to Google or Apple. This information is mainly used for statistical purposes, to create data or to modify the map system. But even Google or Apple usually don't know the phone number assigned to a particular smartphone at a particular time.

In some cases, employers will use phone location services. It should be noted that this kind of behavior is illegal without the employee's consent, which constitutes an invasion of privacy. It is worth remembering that the other party has not received the information that their whereabouts information has been provided, and we can keep the information we have obtained for ourselves.

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