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How to Track Someone's Phone Location by Cell Phone Number Online for Free

GPS Phone Locater - How to Track Phone Number Location Online
How to Track Someone's Phone Location by Cell Phone Number Online for Free
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Now positioning technology has been widely used. Many cars and mobile phones have positioning functions, and there are many positioning apps. Learn how to locate the location of the mobile phone, how to locate the lost mobile phone?

How to find out where your phone is

Cell phones are connected to the network through base stations, and carriers can get a rough estimate of location. The operator is to allow users to have a better communication signal, not to accurately locate the location of each mobile phone. Therefore, this positioning is not accurate, and there will be no specific latitude and longitude information. In general, the more commonly used method is to realize positioning through the mobile phone system and software. As long as the mobile phone has GPS turned on and Wifi is connected, the location information can be obtained. If there is software to upload the location data, remote positioning can be realized. This targeting can be benign or malicious. The Apple mobile phone itself has a "retrieve" function, which can help you locate your mobile phone location. Of course, you need to turn on the settings on your phone, and you need to enter your Apple account when locating.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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How to Locate a Lost Cell Phone

Some mobile phones have built-in mobile phone positioning software. When your mobile phone is lost, you can use such tools to quickly initiate a location tracking request. In addition, how can a mobile phone without such a function make location tracking after the mobile phone is lost? Most Android phones can be installed with security protection software, and such apps have the function of locating the phone. Open the software on the mobile phone and find the "Mobile Phone Anti-Theft" tool in the toolbar. Then click on the "My Mobile Phone Anti-theft Protection" function after entering, and set the relevant anti-theft information of your mobile phone in it. After entering the anti-theft password and other information, the setting is complete.

How to Track Someone's Phone Location by Cell Phone Number Online for Free

How to locate someone else's cell phone number

By submitting a mobile phone number for positioning, it is to choose a dedicated mobile phone location tracking App to easily solve the problem of how to locate other people's mobile phone numbers. The criterion for choosing software is whether the positioning is accurate, and simple operation is a more suitable choice. It is also necessary to understand the characteristics of the brand and software of the positioning platform to determine whether it can play a role.

The method of locating by mobile phone number

Mobile phone number positioning is to query the location of the mobile phone when only the mobile phone number is provided. This requires the support of the operator's base station. For real positioning, there is also the function of the GPS positioning system. This determines that locating other people's mobile phone numbers needs to choose a dedicated locating software, and the ideal goal can be easily achieved.

General operation of mobile phone number location

To accurately locate the mobile phone number and adopt a simpler general operating principle, it is to use a dedicated mobile phone tracking App. Usually, it is downloaded and installed to the target mobile phone, and then operated according to the steps. After submitting the mobile phone number, the tracking record of the trace can be continuously checked. So the key to how to locate other people's mobile phone numbers is to achieve precise location tracking.

From the utilization rate of mobile phone users and the actual needs of location and search, more and more ordinary people are beginning to realize more functions through mobile phones. How to locate other people's mobile phone numbers and choose a software with practical functions becomes the prerequisite for successful positioning. So from the current point of view, a dedicated positioning service platform has been established, which can easily realize the function of mobile phone number positioning.

How to Track Someone's Phone Location by Cell Phone Number Online for Free

How to prevent your phone from being monitored and located by others

Now positioning technology has been widely used in car navigation and mobile phones, and many mobile phone positioning software have emerged. The following will introduce to you how to check whether the mobile phone is located, and what is the method of mobile phone positioning?

How to tell if your phone is being monitored

  • The phone's battery drains very quickly for a certain period of time, and then returns to normal.
  • The keys on the phone would suddenly fail, and seconds or minutes later it would be as if nothing had happened. During this period of time, the phone can't lock the screen. This happened to the phone not long ago. The phone was in a black screen and couldn't be unlocked. At this time, a voice call came in, and the sound could be heard but the screen still couldn't be turned on.. After a few minutes, the mobile phone suddenly restarted automatically and then completely returned to normal. Occasionally, it may be a problem with the mobile phone once or twice, but it should be paid attention to if it occurs frequently.
  • When making a call, I often hear an intermittent current sound, and I can obviously feel a hollow echo. In addition, it is common for the phone to be hung up during the call.
  • Connecting to WiFi in a public environment, when everyone's network is good, but your network is surprisingly slow (excluding the problem of the phone itself).
  • The mobile phone bill suddenly increased a lot in a certain month of normal use.
  • When the mobile phone is not using maps and other navigation apps, the location service is accidentally turned on.
How to Track Someone's Phone Location by Cell Phone Number Online for Free

What is the principle of mobile positioning

  • GPS location
    The mobile phone we use has a built-in satellite navigation system such as GPS. It only needs to search for 4 satellites to achieve precise positioning, and the positioning accuracy is about 10 meters.
  • Wi-Fi positioning
    As long as the WiFi function is turned on on our mobile phone, positioning can be realized regardless of whether it is connected to wireless WiFi or not. This positioning method cannot be avoided. Each WiFi hotspot (router) has a unique address. After the phone's WiFi is turned on, it collects surrounding WiFi signals and uploads them to the server to form a huge hotspot database. The server retrieves the geographical location of each WiFi hotspot, and then calculates the location of the mobile phone through triangulation according to the strength of the signal.
  • base station positioning
    Each SIM card is uniquely identified, and when connected to a base station, this data is recorded. As long as the signal difference of the three base stations is calculated, the approximate location of the mobile phone can be determined. This positioning method requires the authorization of the operator. Common mobile phone positioning methods are base station positioning, WiFI positioning and GPS positioning.
How to Track Someone's Phone Location by Cell Phone Number Online for Free

8 Ways to Stop Tracking Your Phone's Location

The positioning function is very convenient for drivers, and has become an indispensable tool for people to travel. But did you know that big data technology is using the positioning function to sell products to you, which is the "positioning advertisement" that is now commonly used by merchants. Here's how to prevent merchants from collecting our data through mobile phones, let's find out together.

Targeted advertising is a common phenomenon, and your mobile phone is full of advertisements based on your interests and consumption tendencies. The information related to you is mainly obtained by collecting and analyzing daily routine data through mobile phones, and collecting and processing this information to help businesses find their customers.

Why can your mobile phone track you and share your information with third parties? In fact, this is what you yourself allow it to do, when you review the privacy agreement you accept the data sharing terms. Companies that collect this data often have a plausible explanation, such as Apple tracking individual phone calls and emails to prevent fraud, which many see as an invasion of privacy. But no matter what device you use, as long as you access the Internet, your online behavior will be tracked. If this practice bothers you, don't despair, there are a number of ways you can stop tracking.

How to Track Someone's Phone Location by Cell Phone Number Online for Free

1. Change your phone's location settings

You can stop iOS and Android from tracking you, but the feature isn't intuitive and is hidden in the privacy settings, whose default setting is to record your daily routines. This feature records where you've been and how long you've been there so it can learn your home and business addresses based on how long and how often you stopped. If you think this feature is a security risk, please turn off this feature.

2. Limit Ad Tracking

Ending location tracking might sound a bit extreme, but since location systems can bring convenience to our lives, we can choose to prevent ads from tracking us. iOS and Android also offer built-in options to minimize and limit ad tracking.

These tools won't completely prevent merchants from tracking your phone activity, nor will they limit the number of ads you see, but they will allow you to reset your ad identification and disassociate your phone from any targeted ad profiles.

3. Stop Google from tracking your every move

Google has recently come under fire for storing your location data even if you've adjusted the privacy settings on your iPhone or Android phone. Pausing Location History doesn't completely turn off Google's location tagging but location data is still saved in "Web & App Activity". This fun fact is important, so to prevent Google from saving location markers, you have to suspend the "Web & App Activity" toggle. While this feature is paused, none of your Google service activity will be saved on your account.

4. Use a private browser on your phone

Many computer users are familiar with private web browsers, but few know that the browser can allow anonymous browsing on mobile phones. Mozilla's free Firefox Focus is one such app, with default settings that block ads, analytics, and social tracking, and it also deletes passwords and browsing history after each use of the browser.

Google Chrome and Micorsoft Edge also have an incognito mode available as an option. If you don't want your mobile browser to be connected to a big data agency, you can try the third-party app Dolphin Browser. If you're using a Samsung smartphone, you can also use the company's Samsung Internet app. This browser has built-in ad tracking blocking to prevent other websites from tracking your online activity. If you don't like Google logging your search terms, alternative search engines like Yippy, DuckDuckGo, and Ixquick won't track you as strongly.

5. Check your online account

The moment you create an account with a major company like Google, Facebook, etc., you start giving them data about your location, personality and preferences. Their algorithms will track every click you make, and this data will be used to target advertisements or related content.

Thankfully, these companies, and most advertising companies, provide you with tools to opt out of personalized ad tracking. Google, for example, has an account dashboard that you can use to control privacy and check what information it has about you. Google has made changes to its ad settings to make it easier for you to understand and limit ad tracking. Facebook also has the option to turn off behavioral tracking, and the company is currently reviewing its third-party apps, which now allow users to see and control them more easily.

6. Opting out of advertising

You have the right to opt-out of interest-based advertising, at least most such advertising. The Digital Advertising Alliance has a Consumer Choice page where you can find out which merchants that are members of the alliance are currently advertising on your mobile phone.

The affiliate scans your computer the first time you visit the site. After the scan is complete, you will see a list of these affiliate partners. From there you can learn more about these companies' interest-based advertising and can click your browser's "opt-out of cookies" button. It's important to note that doing this doesn't cancel all the ads you see, it just prevents advertisers from serving you targeted ads.

7. Check your virtual assistant

With the rise of virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, our phones are no longer limited to talking and chatting, we can now use our voices to command them. But when you speak the wake word for these virtual assistants, an audio file of the voice command is uploaded and saved to a server for data processing. Like other tracking information, this data is likely to be anonymized, but it can be used to target ads after algorithmic techniques identify behavioral patterns.

8. Control app permissions

Before installing apps, be sure to check the permissions they require on the Google Play or Apple App Store app pages. Android phones will also give you a brief description of the permission requests when installing the app. When using features that require specific access to your phone, iOS apps often pop up asking you for access. Sometimes an app asks for more permissions than the program needs, and this information may also be sent to advertising companies.

So it's a good habit to regularly check your app permissions, this not only gives you more control over your privacy, it also stops apps from spying and abusing your trust, it also cleans up apps that keep running in the background, Thereby improving your mobile phone battery life.

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