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Should couples allow each other to check their phones?

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Should couples allow each other to check their phones?
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Should I look at my partner's mobile phone? This is a debate topic that Qi Hua said. When I saw this debate, my first impression was, I shouldn't look at it. Anyway, I never read it. However, after listening to the opinions of the debaters, I found that there is really no correct answer to the debate question that Qi Hua said, depending on the environment and background.

About Privacy

The mobile phone is a very important tool for modern people. Think about it, if one day you forget to bring your mobile phone to work, what will happen? Will you be distracted and feel that there must be something important to miss.

Recreational activities are also inseparable from mobile phones. Games are on mobile phones; sports apps are on mobile phones; various live broadcast platforms and video platforms are on mobile phones. So mobile phones are really everything to us. Looking at a person's mobile phone, you can understand everything about this person. So, whether or not to let your partner look at your mobile phone, to put it bluntly, is whether to keep some of your privacy. It's also a matter of boundaries between two people.

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About Boundaries

The boundaries between people are more complicated. The same behavior, because of the different family environment and education since childhood, will have very different reactions for different people. For example, some parents feel that they have the right to look at the drawers in their own rooms, while some parents definitely don't look at them and fully respect their children. As for mobile phones, when they were young, many parents felt that of course they had the right to look at their children's mobile phones, but when they grew up, who would let their parents look at their mobile phones? Therefore, to oppose parents looking at their mobile phones means that their parents have exceeded the limit, but as for the partner, if he wants to look at the mobile phone, does it actually exceed the limit.

Therefore, after partners are together, they should gradually have some tacit understanding, so that the other party can understand their bottom line. As for whether the other party's mobile phone should be placed in this limit, it depends on how both parties think.

Should couples allow each other to check their phones?

Does loving each other require sharing everything?

Some people will think, isn't it just a mobile phone, as long as you don't do anything to hurt the other party, there is nothing you can't watch, because of love, so you want to know everything about the other party. And sharing everything, isn't it the embodiment of love? Some partners are indeed like this. If both parties feel that it is okay, of course there is no problem. The partners can get along with each other as they feel comfortable. Especially when in love, I can't wait to be with each other all the time, not to mention mobile phones.

However, it is impossible for a pair of partners to be in love all the time, and there will always be times when they are flat. At this time, they need to give each other some space of their own. In modern society, it is not an exaggeration to say that we are living in the world of mobile phones. Therefore, to give each other space is not to look at each other's mobile phones casually. In this way, the relationship between two people can be healthier and longer.

If you start to doubt each other

There are also times when I want to look at the other party's mobile phone because I think the other party's recent behavior is a little weird. To put it bluntly, I suspect that the other party is hiding something from me, or that the other party has other ideas, or even that they may have cheated.. However, at this time, it is even more sensitive. If you look at your partner's mobile phone and find that there is no evidence, then you will feel relieved or even more disappointed, which is really hard to say.

And if the other party has the intention to hide it and there is nothing wrong with his actions, then it is definitely useless to look at the mobile phone, and the place where the problem may be found must have been cleaned up.

Now life is inseparable from the mobile phone, but when you get home, it is recommended not to treat the mobile phone as a partner, and do not let the mobile phone affect the relationship between husband and wife. In modern times, mobile phones can be said to be inseparable from everyone, so mobile phones are very important in the eyes and hearts of couples. Two people can use mobile phones to communicate, or they can hide secrets in mobile phones. If you want to build trust in the relationship between husband and wife, you should not check each other's mobile phone frequently. Only in this way can the relationship between the two be longer.

Try not to play mobile phones when two people are together

Couples need companionship. Try not to use your phone at home after get off work. Home is a place to rest and a place for both husband and wife to live. Everything in the family should be shared together. These are not the patent of women. Men should help to do it well, which will deepen the relationship between husband and wife and make women feel very intimate.

Don't fight over your phone

It can't be said that all couples quarrel because of mobile phones, but most of them are because of this reason. Especially young couples, come home from get off work, fall on the sofa, and use their mobile phones to play games. The wife sees her husband playing with his mobile phone, not cooking or doing housework. When a man sees a woman not cooking for himself, the two will quarrel, and in the end, the chicken will fly.

A good couple should know that the relationship is the most important thing, and everything else is secondary. They will not regard the mobile phone as a partner or play with the mobile phone as leisure time. Because the relationship between husband and wife requires two people to accompany each other and communicate with each other. If there is time, they will do something meaningful to each other, talk about what happened during the day, talk about interesting things, talk about future plans and so on. In this way, the relationship between husband and wife will get better and better.

Don't look at the other party's phone

Nowadays, people are all single phones, and most of the husband and wife relationships are broken because of mobile phones. Some women are always suspicious. Even if the husband is fine, they are still worried. They always like to look at each other's phones when their husbands are away, which is a sign of distrust. Looking at the other party's phone is not a good habit. Husbands and wives must trust each other. If in doubt, ask in person. Husbands and wives should respect each other and respect each other's privacy. Don't watch if you don't want to. As long as the relationship is good, nothing else matters. Since husband and wife are destined to come together, they should cherish it. Love itself is mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual care and mutual trust. Don't let your phone affect each other's feelings.

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