HOMERead Text MessageHow to monitor the text entered by the keyboard on the phone

How to monitor the text entered by the keyboard on the phone

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How to monitor the text entered by the keyboard on the phone

Remote computer monitoring used to be a trick used exclusively by hackers in movies. Viewing the contents of other people's desktop and browser history is now easier than ever. How can this be done? Just install the keylogger software. We discussed the operation of spyware in today's article.

Spyware-where do they come from?

As soon as the Internet spread across the globe, the threat of spyware followed. The name was first publicly used in an article on Microsoft's business model in October 1995.

A few years later, suspicious software stealing confidential data was discovered on the computer. What are the different types of spyware and what are they used for?

What is spyware?

Spy keylogger

Spyware will silently intercept information from your computer, retrieve various data (such as login information), and sometimes even automatically install other malicious programs and redirect website addresses, thereby increasing the amount of spam displayed. Spyware is designed to be as difficult or impossible to detect and remove as possible.

They are installed in a discreet way, such as when opening email attachments or visiting suspicious websites. Spyware is divided into various categories, including Trojan horses that exploit vulnerabilities to obtain login names and passwords, adware that can remotely access computers, and redirects to dangerous locations on the network.

How to monitor the text entered by the keyboard on the phone

Legitimate spyware?

Contrary to appearance, not all spyware is illegal and harmful. Not only that, we encounter their "mild" version every day. When browsing the Internet, almost all websites require us to agree to the use of cookies. These are files downloaded from a designated website and saved on the terminal device. Their main function is to ensure the normal operation of the current page.

Cookies can display personalized advertisements and content based on user preferences, save products in the online store shopping cart, and allow you to vote online. Although cookies themselves are harmless, they are sometimes used by hackers to steal personal information and track user activity.

Another type of legal spyware is tracking software. The function of the software is to retrieve all kinds of information from the target device: browser history, device location, desktop view, etc. Unlike traditional spyware, tracking software will not harm your device.

But it should be remembered that if the user intends to collect information in any way, he is obliged to notify the owner of the device, and dissemination of the acquired data to a third party may lead to unpleasant legal consequences.

How to monitor the text entered by the keyboard on the phone

KeyLogger-how does it work?

Keyloggers are currently the most popular way of legal tracking software. They are used to get the characters entered on the computer keyboard. Including search terms entered in search engines, email messages sent and chat content, etc.

But remember, the keylogger must be installed on the target device, it cannot be installed remotely. After a successful installation, the application runs in the background and is invisible to the computer owner and the antivirus program. The new generation of keyloggers can not only collect characters, but also have many other useful functions, such as allowing you to capture screenshots and record sounds collected by the microphone on your computer. The collected documents will be sent to the designated e-mail address.

It is not always easy to install a keylogger on other people's computers, and it is even more difficult to install this software when the computer is password protected.

  • Phone:
    The call history of the controlled mobile phone.
  • SMS:
    SMS record of the controlled mobile phone.
  • Album:
    The album of the
    controlled mobile phone, you can download the photos to the local.
  • Location:
    Real-time location of the controlled phone.
  • Conversations:
    Chat conversations on controlled mobile phones.
  • Video:
    Real-time front and rear camera video of the controlled mobile phone.
  • Voice:
    Real-time voice of the controlled mobile phone.
  • Screen:
    Real-time screen content of the controlled mobile phone.
  • Historical position:
    The historical position and movement track of the controlled mobile phone are played.
  • Application list:
    The list of installed applications of the controlled phone.
  • Contact:
    The contact list of the controlled phone.
  • Recording:
    The call recorder of the controlled mobile phone and real-time recording.
  • Screenshot:
    Take a screenshot of the real-time screen content of the controlled mobile phone.
  • Take pictures:
    Use the camera of the controlled mobile phone to take pictures and post back.

Cell phone spyware

Smart phones can also perform similar monitoring. With its help, users can fully access the phone, including sent text messages, emails and chats, GPS location tracking, and even listen to and record phone calls in real time.

The monitoring records can be easily viewed through the www online panel. However, you must remember that the App must be installed on your phone.

How to recover data from a broken phone

Sometimes file loss is not accidental or careless. It may be extremely convenient for some people to delete other people's data. Regardless of the possible reasons for deleting files, it is worth taking precautions to minimize the risk of such incidents.

To avoid the need to restore data from the mobile phone, the main and simplest countermeasures are archiving and backup. Make sure you have the habit of copying files to other media (flash drives, DVDs, or external drives) regularly.

A better idea is to copy all files to the cloud server. You can do it through many free services, or you can consider setting up your own server, but this is a solution that must be paid for. Using a cloud server, you can easily transfer files to the server and access them at any time.

If you store a lot of data on your computer, you should also invest in an effective antivirus program. This is one of the most important protection measures against malicious software that may cause permanent file loss. An obvious but often overlooked method is to use a password to protect all your devices, so you will protect yourself from losing files due to the actions of third parties.

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