HOMERead Text MessageHow to See Another Phone Screen Remotely and Take a Screenshot Without Them Knowing

How to See Another Phone Screen Remotely and Take a Screenshot Without Them Knowing

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How to See Another Phone Screen Remotely and Take a Screenshot Without Them Knowing
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Have you ever wanted to spy on someone's device to know who they are chatting with, or want to know wife/husband's call history, view deleted text message content? A cell phone monitoring app is great for parents to control teen internet activity, you can monitor everything on your kid's phone, so it's a great solution for beginners. This tool provides parents with a professional mobile phone use behavior monitoring solution, and provides a safe, healthy and mobile phone use environment for teenagers.

You can take a remote screenshot of the target mobile phone at any time to obtain the screen image of the mobile phone, or record a video of the screen image. After capturing your screen, you can view, edit the picture or video. The content of the monitored mobile phone screen is stored in the form of pictures, and you can view it remotely at any time. Additionally, the software can eavesdrop and record phone calls, surroundings, and VoIP calls on platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Remote tracking and monitoring capabilities

  • Live screen recording:
    Remotely take screenshots and record screen videos of your mobile phone, and you can view the content of your mobile phone screen at any time.
  • Call Recording:
    Track and listen to voice calls in real time, including incoming or outgoing calls on the target phone.
  • Track location:
    Users can monitor the GPS location, find the current location and historical location of the phone.
  • Ambient Recording:
    Remotely debug mobile phone camera, MIC to record and listen to the surrounding environment and capture images and record videos.
  • Keylogger:
    You can remotely capture all phone passwords, sent messages, chat conversations and emails, etc.
  • Social Media Spy:
    Get logs of instant messages and applications on the target phone remotely.
  • Browser logs:
    You can remotely monitor URLs and bookmarks accessed by the browser of the target device
How to See Another Phone Screen Remotely and Take a Screenshot Without Them Knowing

How to install the tracker on the target device?

You don't need to perform tedious steps to install the App on the target device, just a few simple installation steps, you can complete the download and installation. After the tracking application software is installed, the application software will secretly monitor all the information in the phone in the background, and you can check all the content at any time.

What is remote tracking software used for?

  • Protect your loved ones, monitor employees, and control your children's online behavior.
  • Where is your child's location now?
  • Text messages sent by your kids on their cell phones?
  • Know who they have communicated with?
  • What kind of websites have they visited?
  • What type of applications are they using?
How to See Another Phone Screen Remotely and Take a Screenshot Without Them Knowing

Other Ways to Take Screenshots on Your Phone

People who are familiar with Android should be familiar with adb, which allows developers to use this command line tool to interact with their mobile phones, and the permissions of adb are higher than that of ordinary mobile phone applications. Using the adb tool, we can install or uninstall the mobile phone. The software can back up or restore the data in the mobile phone, and can take screenshots, etc.

However, in the Android system, there is no API interface or corresponding permission for screen capture for general apps. So what should an application do if it needs to implement the function of taking screenshots of mobile phones? The answer is to utilize adb proxy. The adb proxy is actually a native executable program developed by developers. It has the same functions and permissions as adb. The app that wants to realize the screen capture function uses the adb proxy to access Android system resources, including the data in the FrameBuffer. Screenshots can be obtained from FrameBuffer. The user installation method is also very simple. When downloading the app, an adb agent program will be obtained, and the user can install the program into the mobile phone through adb through the computer.

The screenshot app communicates with the adb proxy program in the mobile phone through a socket, so if there is a spy app in the mobile phone, it can also communicate with the adb proxy program through the same port number. That is, if the spy app knows the port number on which the screenshot app communicates with the adb proxy, then the spy app can access the phone's screenshots without the user's knowledge.

A new way of privacy leakage has been born, but how to use this loophole to obtain more private information more secretly? We know that mobile phone screenshots often occupy relatively large storage space, especially if the attacker must upload the screenshots to the server. If you don't know whether the pictures are useful, you need to upload more pictures to the server, and then the server will judge which pictures are useful. In this way, the app will consume a lot of memory and Internet traffic, and it will be easily discovered by users. On the other hand, if the image recognition function is added to the mobile phone, it will also consume a large amount of cpu usage time, and it is also easy to be discovered by the user. Using the following method can solve this problem very well.

  • First, create a database of commonly used screenshot apps, one app corresponds to one socket port number. The monitoring program first uses PackageManager to list all programs in the system in the mobile phone to determine whether the mobile phone has a screenshot app installed, and judges the port number of the adb agent in the mobile phone according to the package name.
  • Detect whether the app to be attacked is running. The app to be attacked here mainly refers to the address book or social app, so that the user's private data can be stolen. The detection method is mainly to read the information in the /proc/[PID]/stat field, to determine whether the target app is running by changing the running time of the cpu.
  • Determine which activity the app to attack is in. Since the title bar of most activities in an app is different, the title bar of the activity can be used as an identification. At this time, the screen capture function must be used, that is, read-only after the screen capture Take the pixel value of the title bar to determine which interface the app is in at this time.
  • Next, it loops to detect the input state of the mobile phone keyboard, that is, uses the screenshot to determine which button the user is clicking. Each time the user clicks a button, the app only needs to read the pixel value in the area, and then calculate the hash value based on the read pixel value to determine which button the user clicked. Also read the pixel value of ↑ key, and can also judge whether it is a capital letter or a number. And the reading speed of five times a second exceeds the typing speed of most people, so all the actions of the user's button clicks can be read.
  • The user name or password is judged according to the sequence of letters or numbers that the user clicks on the buttons, so as to obtain the user's privacy.

How to take a quick screenshot on a Samsung phone?

  • S Pen button operation:
    This method is basically applicable to all Samsung mobile phones, but the disadvantage is that the operation is not so flexible. The operation method is: Press and hold the "HOME + Power button" for about 2 seconds at the same time, when you hear the sound of the shutter button similar to taking pictures, it means that the screenshot is successful, and the file is stored in the Pictures folder.
  • Combined key operation:
    The stylus S Pen is a feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. On the interface where you need to take a screenshot, press and hold the button on the stylus, and then select "Screenshot Writing" in the fan-shaped menu. This kind of screen capture has the most powerful functions, and you can also perform operations such as cropping and editing after the screen capture.
  • Home button + power button
    From the drop-down menu at the top of the phone desktop, select the icon in the upper right corner. Select "Actions" from the System tab. Find the palm movement column and turn on "Palm Swipe Capture". Open the interface where you want to take a screenshot, and when you hear a sound after sliding your palm, it means that the screenshot is successful.

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