HOMERead Text MessageHow to Recover and Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Another Phone

How to Recover and Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Another Phone

Spy Text Message App - How to Read Someone's Text Messages
How to Recover and Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Another Phone
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In the process of using our mobile phone, if we delete some data on the mobile phone by mistake, it will cause us to be unable to find the content we want to view after deletion. With the help of mobile phone remote monitoring tools, you can easily restore those deleted text messages and social application messages from your phone.

  • Recover lost text messages, WhatsApp history, call history, contacts, photos, etc.
  • Recover social application messages-Kik, Messenger, Line and Viber.
  • Recover data from Samsung phones, Huawei phones, Sony phones, OnePlus phones, etc.

Why do I need to view deleted text messages?

Is your spouse cheating on you? Do you need evidence? If you feel a little insecure about your spouse, this is not entirely bad. They may have given you one or more reasons to make you think they may be cheating or meeting another person. If you suspect that your spouse is unfaithful and need to confirm your doubts, then using mobile phone monitoring software should be the last choice. It is worth mentioning that there are many ethical issues, the danger of being caught, and the problems that may arise. In real life, although you can't personally catch the spouse's cheating object, you can try to get some clues, especially the text messages that can be used to expose their spouse in court. But how to check someone's text messages or delete text messages?

How to Recover and Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Another Phone
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Check your spouse's text messages to find evidence

The biggest problem in the relationship between husband and wife is the disloyalty of the other party. You may notice that he is hiding some content in the phone so that you will not be able to see the phone, or he is quietly deleting some messages in the phone. You want to know what happened, and you want an answer. But after you secretly got the phone when he was bathing or sleeping, you found that there was no suspicious content inside. His phone looks normal, but does he delete some text messages or social application messages to prevent you from finding it?

View children's mobile phone text messages and protect young people

The average time that American adults use smartphones ranges from one hour to nearly four hours a day, and teenagers' use of mobile phones is also increasing at the same time. With the development of the Internet, they are more likely to be exposed to undesirable things such as violence, pornography or online games. As parents, we always want to protect them from any bad influence, and parents want to know that what happens in their lives is reasonable. But when children enter puberty, they may have their own secrets and refuse to share everything with their parents. Teenagers use their mobile phones to surf the Internet all day, most of their time is spent on entertainment websites, games or social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., and these will not teach them useful knowledge. Most of them are addicted to making friends and texting on their mobile phones, and they become more silent or rebellious at home. When they are addicted to puppy love or online violence, they isolate themselves from their families. What if they refuse you when you try to guide and help? Maybe you can do it in a hidden way, such as monitoring your child's phone or tracking your child's phone without their knowledge.

How to Recover and Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Another Phone

How to check the deleted text messages in the phone?

CellSpy is a very professional mobile phone remote monitoring software, you can get the monitoring content more easily and quickly, such as calls, new messages, the most recent 5 contacts, the most recent 5 most messaging contacts, and the nearest location . In addition to messages, you can also monitor more data on the target phone, such as call calls, location, geofencing, capture screenshots, smart capture, keylogger, photos, video previews, voice, documents, emails, contacts, Browser history, calendar, clipboard, WiFi recorder, application blocking, application activity. It is very professional in monitoring phone text messages, especially the Keylogger feature, which allows you to monitor all text typed by users on their phones. App can monitor all the contents of the mobile phone in real time, including the messages, short messages, text, pictures, emails, etc. deleted by the user.

What mobile phone monitoring functions can CellSpy achieve?

You can use many features of the CellSpy monitoring software to remotely monitor any mobile phone invisibly. You have complete viewing authority and control over the monitored mobile phone. This program runs completely in stealth mode.

How to Recover and Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Another Phone
  • It has the most innovative features for Android phones.
  • The cost of using this software every day is lower than the price of your daily coffee!
  • Employers can easily monitor all Android phones assigned by the company to employees, and no longer need to watch time-consuming reports and PPT.
  • The software runs completely in stealth and secret form, and the monitored Android phone users will never notice it.
  • Parents need to use CellSpy to keep them under constant supervision of their children's activities on their Android phones.
  • Can work on all mobile networks and Android phones.
  • CellSpy is very easy to use and install.

Whether you are a parent worrying about adolescent children or an employer worrying about employee performance, the best way to find the truth is to monitor their mobile phones. Android is the most widely used mobile phone operating system, and CellSpy makes monitoring Android phones easier than ever. From calls to text messages and email records to chat history, you don't need to touch your phone to get all the data.

How to Recover and Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Another Phone

How to recover deleted text messages on Android phones

  • Android phones need to be rooted before restoring, so that the restoring data is more complete.
  • Turn on the USB debugging on the phone, then connect the phone to the computer via a USB data cable, run the powerful Android recovery tool, wait for the computer to recognize the phone, and click "Start Connection".
  • After the mobile phone data is recognized on the software, we can click "Next" to enter the scan;
  • The scanning method is arbitrarily selected. Choose "Deep Scan" to scan out more lost data.
  • After the scan is over, you can see the text messages of the mobile phone, select the text messages that need to be restored, and then export it.

How to recover deleted text messages on iPhone

  • First, download and install the recovery tool on the computer. After the software is downloaded, you can perform specific operations to recover the mobile phone text messages.
  • After running the iTunes software to back up the mobile phone data backup is complete, our mobile phone and the computer continue to be in a connected state. Then run the powerful Apple recovery tool, here we will see the software prompts the relevant information of the device.
  • After selecting the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode, click the "Start Scan" button at the bottom right.
  • The length of the scanning process will be determined according to the file size in the phone, and then you can see the relevant data inside the phone.
  • After the mobile phone internal data displayed by the software, check the deleted text messages that need to be recovered, and then export it, or you can export all of them, including the text messages that have not been deleted.

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