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How to track the location of your partner through mobile phone photos?

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In daily life, I believe that many friends always want to know where their partner has gone? My partner never tells you where he went when he went out, but it's hard for me to ask their location directly, so how should we locate it? Today I will share with you how to track the location just by sending a photo, which can solve the troubles of many people. Learn how to locate your partner's location from a photo now!

Prerequisites for querying shooting locations based on photo attributes:

  • When taking pictures with a mobile phone or tablet computer, you need to turn on the GPS positioning service function of the device, otherwise the mobile phone cannot be positioned.
  • The photo must be the original picture. If the compressed picture is uploaded through other apps, it will not be the original picture.

How to use mobile phone photos to track and locate

Have you ever had a situation where your partner went out without telling you where they were going? Don't you want to just ask them where they are, and don't know how to track their location with a mobile phone? In fact, if you encounter such a problem, don't worry, you can track their location with a small method.

Mobile Phone Spy App
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  • The first step, when you want to know where your husband or wife is, but you don't want to ask their location directly, then you can ask him for an original photo in various ways. The key point here is to ask the other party to click on the original photo to send it to you after taking the photo, otherwise you will not be able to locate their location.
  • In the second step, when we receive the original photo sent by our partner, we first open the photo and click to view the original photo, and then download it to the phone album.
  • The third step is to find this photo in your mobile phone album, and swipe up to view their location. At this time, there will be a map under the photo, and the location where the photo was taken will be marked on the map. If it is on a large street, it will directly display the specific location such as the name of the street. If it is in some remote place, it is an approximate location. Through this method, we can quietly track the location of our partners without them knowing, which solves many people's problems.

After introducing mobile phone location tracking, let's teach you how to avoid being tracked. In order to prevent the photos we send from being located by others, we should turn off this setting option. First open the phone settings, find the "Privacy" option, tap to enter. Next, find "Location Services" on the "Privacy" page, then find "Camera" and click to enter. Finally, we can change the position of the allowed range to "prohibited". After completing the settings, even if we send the original photos to others, they will not be able to locate your location, and they will no longer be afraid of being tracked by others.

How to display exact location using latitude and longitude?

  • Generally, the GPS coordinates obtained by mobile phones are longitude first and latitude last. When using the map search to require input, the latitude is in the front and the longitude is in the back.
  • Open Google Maps, enter latitude and longitude in the search box, and click Search.
  • The most accurate way is to use the Google Earth software. Open Google Earth and enter the latitude and longitude. Note that it is necessary to ensure that the network connection is normal.
  • After clicking Search, Google Earth will slowly enter the actual location where the latitude and longitude is located. This location is very accurate, unless your latitude and longitude itself is biased.

Latitude and longitude are the combination of longitude and latitude to form a coordinate system, called geographic coordinate system, which is a spherical coordinate system that uses a three-dimensional spherical surface to define the space on the earth, and can mark any position on the earth.