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How to crack someone's mobile phone password?

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How to crack someone's mobile phone password?
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Today's mobile phones have various password setting methods. In order to protect personal privacy, some mobile phone users have set a mobile phone power-on password. It may be that the password is set too arbitrarily, so that when the password is entered later, the set password is forgotten.. So what is the mobile phone password cracking method? Next, let us understand the mobile phone password cracking method.

Mobile phone password cracking method - delete password file

The principle of this method is similar to cracking the Windows password. The password of the PC system is stored in Sam, while the password of the Android system is stored in the password.key file. So if we can delete this file, the password of the Android system will be solved.

Users who have rooted the system or flashed the machine should all know ADB, right? We will also use it here.

Find the *.key file and delete it. This is one of the more popular methods on the Internet.

Some problems you may encounter:

Mobile phone password cracking method - Wipe.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Wipe means to restore factory settings, including contacts, text messages, installed software, etc. are all deleted. Commonly known as hard boot, restore factory settings. Dual Wipe is the dual Wipe means to clear cache and memory data.

How can we Wipe!? At this time, we need recovery, which is similar to a safe mode of computer WinPe, a system recovery mode that can still be opened even when there is a problem with the system. Generally, the mobile phone will bring a recovery or you can brush a third-party recovery of CMW by yourself. Press and hold the power button and volume to enter recovery mode.

How to crack someone's mobile phone password?

Mobile phone password cracking method - Desktop RE Manager

Many people know the RE resource manager on the mobile phone, but few have heard of the desktop version, right!? The permissions of this RE manager are the same as those on the mobile phone, and the operation needs to be cautious.

Provide two different versions, one is similar to the mobile terminal, and the other is connected with a folder.

These operations are more convenient than on mobile phones, so you must be cautious. If you delete system files that should not be deleted without having a backup, you cannot restore these data.

Mobile phone password cracking method - use monitoring assistant

This method can be performed if our mobile phone is turned on with USB debugging. Take Wandoujia as an example, we will make a complete backup of our mobile phone through the App. After the wipe, there is no password, and we can restore the data.

Tell us in advance how to turn on the usb debugging mode! If you have good usage habits, it is better to enable USB debugging. Go to "Developer options" in the settings and find the USB mode and turn it on.

With the continuous development of mobile phone technology, most people now use smart phones, and the password forms of smart phones are very rich. In the past, the passwords of mobile phones were generally set with numbers, and only when the numbers were correct can the mobile phone be successfully entered, and the smart phone also had a pattern unlocking method. I believe that many have such experiences. What should I do if I forget the password of my mobile phone? No matter whether you use a pattern lock or a digital lock, the following 4 methods can answer your questions!

What should I do if I forgot my mobile phone password?

ADB unlock

  • USB debugging mode is on
  • Connect the mobile phone to the computer, make sure the ADB driver has been installed (the mobile phone driver can be installed through the driver wizard), and decompress the ADB toolkit to the C drive
  • Open cmd and enter cd c: adb (open the directory where adb is located)
  • Then enter adb shell
  • Go ahead and enter cd datasystem
  • Enter ls to view the files in the datasystem. If a password is set, there will be gesture.key or password.key
  • If you set a pattern password, please continue to enter the command: rm gesture.key, if you set a simple password, please enter the command: rm password.key
  • Enter the reboot command or manually restart the phone to take effect, or directly slide to unlock now, any password can be unlocked, it is recommended to restart.

Google account unlock

  • Before the phone is locked, the settings have been completed, the Google account has been logged in, the account password is known, and the phone can be connected to the Internet.
  • Enter the password 5 times at will, the system prompts 5 times of input error, try again after 30 seconds;
  • At this time, the bottom of the unlock interface will prompt "forgot password", click to enter the Google account and password set before to unlock immediately.

clear data unlock

  • No restrictions, suitable for users without important data.
  • Press and hold the volume up button + the power button at the same time to enter Recovery.
  • Select clear data - clear user data in turn, restart to enter the system, this operation only deletes user data, the software can still be retained.

Set up a Google account

  • Set up a Google account and verify it online.
  • When setting up a Google account, there is no "forgot password" option in the unlock interface. It will only be prompted after 5 wrong inputs. Click and enter the account password to clear the lock screen password. But at this time, if the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet, you cannot log in to unlock it.
  • If you don't click "Forgot Password", after 20 consecutive incorrect entries, the login interface will pop up automatically. At this time, only the Google account can be unlocked immediately, and the login interface is still the same after restarting. Logging in to the account at this time also has the effect of clearing the login password.
  • In the test without a Google account, there is no "forgot password" icon after 5 consecutive mistakes, and continue to enter the wrong password until 25 times, and it is only prompted to re-enter after 30 seconds.