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How to Catch Cheating Spouse and Text Messages with Their Cell Phone Online

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How to Catch Cheating Spouse and Text Messages with Their Cell Phone Online
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What is disloyalty?

One of the most serious situations a couple faces in life is the infidelity of the other, the breakdown of trust between the couple. The concept of marital infidelity is difficult to define, since trust is a very subjective issue and everyone can view different things as infidelity. In any case, it is one of the most common reasons for marriage breakdown; according to various studies, only 50% of couples are able to restore and save the relationship if one of them has been unfaithful. On the other hand, everyone's perception of what infidelity is varies widely, depending on whether it's attributable to oneself or to a partner. In this sense, the research that has been done shows that we change our perception according to different people. So what their partner thinks is unacceptable behavior when they think it's innocent.

Precisely because it is difficult to determine what constitutes infidelity, the most appropriate method is to discuss and agree on it in advance. Usually, as long as the two sides establish trust and honest dialogue, generally accepted norms will be formed. This behavior will help avoid misunderstandings and guarantee the couple's commitment.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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What are the main signs of possible infidelity?

Spotting a betrayal on the other side can be difficult, although there are signs that it may raise suspicion. Secret relationships with third parties are often complex, so it is unlikely that the other party will completely hide their infidelity. So even if the other side hides the most obvious evidence of betrayal, there are always small signs left. Some of these clues are subtle changes in the couple's daily attitude or behavior, such as:

  • Changes in everyday life.
  • Emotions change and tend to start arguing.
  • Emotional isolation and lack of communication.
  • sudden interest in something (e.g. in music, political opinions, literature, etc.)
  • Lack of transparency, not allowing others to use their phones or computers.
  • Maintaining too much privacy, such as leaving the room quietly on the phone.
  • Lack of response to unexpected partner visits.
  • Talk about the same person often, even negatively.
  • Unusual charges on your credit card bill, such as spending at restaurants, hotels, or jewelry.
  • Create another email account or calling card, or change your existing password.
  • Change the attitude of your partner's friends toward you.
  • Your partner starts giving you gifts for no reason.
  • The question of the eventual breakdown of the marital relationship is often raised.
  • He couldn't explain where he had been or what he had done.
  • If asked who he was with or what he did, the other person would try to divert attention.
How to Catch Cheating Spouse and Text Messages with Their Cell Phone Online

How to deal with marital trust issues caused by infidelity?

Often due to infidelity, couples choose to end their marriage. This does not have to be the case, however, and in fact you must assess whether you want to save and preserve your marriage. If so, infidelity can even provide couples with a new perspective and strengthen their bond. If you want to overcome infidelity and maintain your relationship, it will depend on each person and the type of relationship they maintain and the level of infidelity. In dealing with this kind of problem that is directly related to personal emotions, the most important thing is to understand the specific situation that has happened and find the most suitable way to solve the problem.

Many times, couples who go through this process don't have the experience to do it alone. For this reason, professional psychologists guide them through their situation. Additional difficulties often arise here, such as mistrust of the deceived, controlling behavior, feelings of humiliation, or hurt feelings. Therapy can help the couple overcome the situation, make it easier for those who feel cheated to control their emotions and behavior, allow the unfaithful person to adjust to their partner's new demands and avoid future infidelities. At this point, the trust between the two parties has been restored, laying a foundation for good future development.

How to spy on WhatsApp conversations without the other person's phone

It seems right that WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop are the first free tools to monitor WhatsApp conversations. As you know, there are apps for iPhone or Android that allow you to connect to your computer to view chats. You can do this by connecting to the website web.whatsapp.com or you can download the WhatsApp desktop app from the official website. Once this is done, just take a QR code to link your WhatsApp account with your PC.

So just pick up your phone, even if it's just for a few minutes, they can activate a remote session for WhatsApp Web to monitor your WhatsApp messages and watch everything you say to other people in real time without you noticing anything unusual. In fact it also avoids "WhatsApp Web active" notifications. All they need to do is connect at night, when you're asleep and your phone stays on.

Hack WiFi network and clone MAC address

Finding phone MAC address and network hacking is now a classic way to monitor WhatsApp chat conversations. It allows you to clone WhatsApp by finding the unique MAC address of the spy phone and putting it on the spy phone temporarily. In this way, you will be able to watch chats in real time remotely, a powerful app that does almost everything automatically, however now it's gone and hackers do everything manually.

First you have to access the wireless network. Usually you can easily get the Wifi login password at your friend's house. But if it's a stranger and he doesn't want to tell you the Wifi password, you'll have to try to get the wifi password and then access their phone. There are several ways to find your router's password, and usually one of the fastest is the WPS PIN. Most routers have simple default passwords, and users rarely change passwords.

Once connected to the router, simply issue a command from the terminal to get the MAC address of the device connected to the network. And now just copy it and verify the digital password at another time. But users may notice network anomalies quickly, so other less invasive methods are better.

How to Catch Cheating Spouse and Text Messages with Their Cell Phone Online

MITM attack to monitor WhatsApp conversations

MITM is a form of hacking that allows you to remotely hack into other devices while connected. For example, if a user is connected to a router, a hacker would place himself between the router and the device to remotely obtain network packets. The chat records of users can be obtained through data analysis from network data packets.

Call forwarding for spoofed numbers

In some cases call forwarding can be used to monitor WhatsApp conversations. It all starts with temporary access to the victim's phone, such as WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop. Once the phone is unlocked, simply open the dialer and enter the combination *21*numero-del-telefono-spia# and press call to activate call forwarding. Once you are done with phone number spoofing, just reset WhatsApp on your spy phone and fill in their number on your phone. The code will be delivered through a call on the spy phone, and after verifying the code, you will be able to view all messages in real time.

WhatsApp Spy Apps and Programs

Below you will find all the spy apps that allow you to spy on WhatsApp conversations secretly. Includes chat apps, spy apps with incognito mode, and remote control programs.


Keyloggers are the most commonly used programs to monitor WhatsApp conversations. These software track text input and upload everything to server storage, and users can view these monitoring logs remotely at any time. After installing these software on your computer, anyone using WhatsApp Web or even Facebook Messenger or any other message will be delivered to the platform and you will be able to remotely view what is written in the chat. There are also some keylogging apps for iOS and Android.

parental control app

Although parents install such software for the safety of their children, it is also illegal. Teenagers are prone to rebellion in their growing up years and cannot avoid online addiction and violence, and many parents install control apps on their children's phones to include their children.

How to Catch Cheating Spouse and Text Messages with Their Cell Phone Online

How to Spy on Your Partner's Phone's WhatsApp Conversations

Usually your partner says he didn't have any betrayal and that he can pretend well enough that you won't notice anything unusual. He deletes chats, photos, videos, documents or messages before he hands his phone to you. To find out if he is cheating on you, you can use the methods below to monitor hidden and deleted WhatsApp conversations.

View WhatsApp Profile

When you get your partner's phone, you can view the WhatsApp conversation first, but there are often hidden chats as well. If your partner talks to this contact frequently, their name will appear at the top. To access this archive, just go to the chat list on Android and scroll to the bottom, then tap Archive Chat. On IOS mobile phones, swiping your finger in the chat list can bring up the archived chat history. Then click and view the archived conversation, so you may find some unusual conversation content.

Access the WhatsApp database

The WhatsApp database is saved on the Android phone and can be found through the explorer. Open the file path Memoria interna > WhatsApp > Databases and you will find the database with the extension crypt12. Use the key in the path to extract content, including deleted conversation history.

View phone contacts

In addition, you can also check your partner's phone address book, and you may find some hidden numbers. Conversations are often deleted on Android phones, and there is no way to snoop on those secret contacts because they will no longer appear in the WhatsApp address book. To show them all, you just have to check the groups in the address book and reactivate them.

Check your phone's GPS location

Usually if your partner is dating someone, they will send the real-time location to each other and you can monitor the WhatsApp conversation by checking the location in real-time. This feature works even when chat is hidden. So if you find your sweetheart hanging out in strange places, try to check in there and follow the route Impostazioni > Account > Privacy and click on the live location. Also, you can monitor GPS location by installing spy app, you can keep track of your partner and get accurate location on the map.

There is another method that allows you to monitor conversations via GPS. If they're using an iPhone, you can see their usual locations and see where they've been recently.

who viewed WhatsApp status

A WhatsApp or Stories status update says a lot about a private life. If a partner hides something from you, they share something that could expose their dual identities. In fact, his lover usually keeps checking his status in order to know what he's doing, even if they can't chat at certain times.

So open WhatsApp and tap "My Status" and there you will see everything posted within 24 hours. All you have to do is click on each eye icon and see the name and count which contacts appear frequently. In this way, you will get to know who is viewing WhatsApp's profile more frequently.

View blocked contacts

In the list of blocked contacts, there may be people or strangers you have had an argument with, but the most important contacts are usually hidden there. When they don't want to show messages in real time, perhaps for fear of being caught with evidence of infidelity, they temporarily block the other party from sending messages in addition to archiving the conversation.

see hidden photos

To hide their betrayal, your partner often hides or deletes those important photos and videos from your phone's photo album. But you always have a way to find those photos and videos.

To view hidden WhatsApp photos in Android phone, please use the file manager and visit the path Memoria interna > WhatsApp > Media, open the WhatsApp Images folder and you can see all the photos that have been received. Once you open the Sent folder, you can view all your sent content.

On IOS phones, you can view hidden pictures by viewing the chat. If they are deleted, try connecting to the relevant iCloud account, or check the Eliminated album on your iPhone, the pictures will be there for 30 days.

Disable antivirus software

To monitor WhatsApp conversations in real time, it is recommended that you disable the antivirus or firewall on your phone, which can actually track the network packets sent by WhatsApp and block them for a while, which is ideal. Because he can't see anything, it's as if WhatsApp has no internet, even if it doesn't appear it goes offline.

View email clients

You can also check email clients to monitor WhatsApp conversations. The cheating partner usually exports those important messages and sends them to a designated email address. Even if they delete WhatsApp, they can still see it in their mail, so you just need to check the email client installed on your phone. Open your email app and search for WhatsApp, look at the attachments in the TXT format of the message, usually all exported chats should be here.

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