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How to Get Evidence of Your Partner's Betrayal of the Marriage?

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What is annulment of marriage? We can only talk about the annulment of marriages, or the immunity of marriages that have been validly concluded but not performed. As with any trial, you must of course have evidence to support your claims. Several types of evidence are used in the process of annulling a marriage. Their application is directly related to the legal basis used for the claims submitted to the court.

Private investigators will provide legal evidence

As legal bases are developed, it is necessary to collect evidence that substantiates the existence of these legal bases. The evidence must establish that the marriage was in fact void. The quality of the evidence must be very high. The judge (there were three in the nullity trial) must have so-called moral certainty to justify the circumstances assumed in the claimant's complaint. So there can be no doubt or understatement, so gather the necessary evidence.

How is Evidence Evaluated in a Marriage Nullification Trial?

Documents must first be credible, an obvious criterion and one of the most important in a court of law. They also focus on the issues raised in the case, and therefore focus on the name of the law used in the doubt formula used in determining the subject of the dispute.

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Proving that a partner has betrayed a marriage is a complex process. Sometimes all signs point to a partner being unfaithful, but he covers his tracks and you don't find any evidence of betrayal. In this case, expert help is essential. We can act differently depending on the situation. Not only that, every situation is different. There are other consequences of discovering marital infidelity beyond discovering a partner's dishonesty, and the betrayal may behave differently, and few of them have the courage to admit it. It is very difficult to obtain this evidence yourself. If for this reason alone, it is worth hiring a professional. There is no material comparable to that obtained by detectives, and sufficient and conclusive evidence is an important argument in a trial.

Obtaining evidence of infidelity is especially important in divorce cases where one party is found guilty of a breakdown in the marriage. As you know, the main condition for divorce is the permanent and complete breakdown of the marriage. This may have happened without fault or through the fault of one spouse. Often, deceived persons want to prove their spouse's guilt in court. In this case, the court usually finds the spouse guilty of breaking up the relationship. The decision affects the adjudication of alimony (not only to the children, but to the other party), and spouses guilty of a breakdown of the marriage bear the cost of divorce proceedings.

In order to prove in court that the other party has betrayed the marriage, conclusive evidence must be presented. In this regard, we can take a number of different measures:

  • Evidence from both spouses hearings (hearings are mandatory during divorce proceedings)
  • Evidence from witness testimony, expert opinion (e.g. expert physician, psychiatrist, psychologist)
  • Documentary evidence (also includes private documents, such as a list of calls from an unfaithful spouse)
  • phone bill printout
  • private detective interview
  • Evidence collected and testimony of detectives in court cases
  • In any divorce case, the court must hear the spouse. If one party files for divorce due to the fault of the other party, it shall state its position and explain the specific circumstances. Already at the stage of filing a divorce petition, you can name witnesses, including the accused lover and someone who can testify in the case.

Other documentary evidence includes emails, text messages, and phone bills. In some cases, it is a sufficiently strong means of evidence to be decisive for a judgment. Other reliable evidence is photographs and audio recordings. It is important to note that such evidence is difficult to collect on your own. These include photos, audio recordings, phone bills, email statements, and more. On the basis of the investigation, the detective creates a report on the detective's activities, which describes everything and supplements the relevant documents. In most cases, in the process of annulment of marriage, there is the following evidence: statements of the parties, testimony of witnesses, opinions of court experts (psychologists, psychiatrists or sexologists). and other evidence, usually in the form of documents. Here, we distinguish between official and private documents.

Among the official documents, the ones we use most often are:

Divorce Petition and Response to Petition
Hearing Report During Divorce Hearing
Divorce Decree
Confirmation of Registered Address
Income Statement
Police Notes
Certificate of Clearance/Criminal Sentence

Private files are:

Text message
private medical opinion
detective report

Betrayal alone is not a reason for a marriage to be void. But it is associated with many other legal titles. They may be psychological addictions to sex (sex addiction, pornography), or exclusion of loyalty and marital harmony. In addition, reports may also cover other situations. For example, various addictions (gambling, stock market addiction), economic crime or financial fraud.

The process of annulling a marriage usually takes a long time. A successful case requires the gathering of hard evidence. It's nearly impossible to do this task yourself, so you should hire a private investigator. He will gather evidence and make arrangements to show the reasons for the nullity of the marriage. Due to his experience, he will also know which of them are the most important and will be recognized by the court as reliable and fair. Evil evidence obtained in suspicious ways is not considered, mainly forgery of various documents, theft of private letters, wiretapping, etc.

The normative marriage process itself entails taking evidence and some invalidity of marriage, and these processes are called case guidance. Obtaining evidence for some of the reasons for the nullity of a marriage is an essential activity. The parties must then present evidence, hear from the parties and witnesses, and conduct on-site visits by forensic experts. The testimony of the parties and witnesses is held separately and on other days. Among the documents detectives will obtain are divorce decrees, hearing records, medical documents, photographs, letters, emails, text messages. The experts in the annulment procedure will comment on the documents submitted, but also on the parties.

Illegal Evidence in Divorce Cases

Can any evidence of betrayal be presented in court, even if gathered in an unethical or not entirely legal way? It is well known that all possible parties are often used in divorce cases in which the spouse is convicted. So printouts of private letters, wiretap recordings, divorce recordings, and any other means of proof are used. It is important to know that all of this material will be scrutinized by the court.

Betrayal is always a painful experience. Opinions are divided on whether infidelity is better understood. But it's worth looking at the issue as a whole. Knowing the truth, we can avoid making mistakes and manage our lives accordingly. Being in a hallucination is never a good thing and can have serious consequences. If we're sure a loved one is cheating on us, but they still won't admit it, it's best to get the evidence on your own. These materials can be used for your own use or as evidence in court.

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