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Mobile phone spy software that secretly takes pictures

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Mobile phone spy software that secretly takes pictures
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Mini cameras and video recorders are perfect products to ensure home safety. They can be hidden under the collar and are very suitable for collecting relevant evidence in important cases. The choice of specific equipment depends on the buyer's needs, so it is worth mentioning the possibility of several models we offer. So what information should you know about them before buying?

CAM-L4050 Digital Micro Camera

The mobile phone camera CAM-L4050 is a high-quality product that can realize real-time image transmission. It has several options that can be activated through the application. It can be used to take pictures, record video with sound, and broadcast live on the Internet.

The CAM-L4050 camera is small and has a mounting clip on the back, so it can be easily hidden even on a shirt. The set includes a set of six buttons.

Technical Specifications of CAM-L4050 Digital Micro Camera

The product is also equipped with automatic white enhancement and white balance functions, as well as backlight compensation functions. All of these make the product very suitable for use in various lighting conditions. A lens with a focal length of 4.0 can provide clear images even from greater distances, while a sensitive microphone collects sound from the environment.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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This product is compatible with Android and Windows. It has two cables to choose from: longer (10 m) and shorter (2 m). It can operate perfectly at temperatures ranging from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Mini camera BU-19

The spy mini camera BU-19 is another example of image recording. The set includes a set of secret panels in the form of buttons and screws, which perfectly hide the device and allow it to be placed in a convenient place for recording.

Due to the high sensitivity of the BU-19 mini camera, excellent image quality can be obtained even in low-light environments. The range of the microphone of this model is up to 7m. In addition, the AGC system reduces unwanted noise and noise. The device can work perfectly at temperatures from -10 to +60 degrees Celsius, so it is more resistant to high temperatures than the digital micro camera CAM-L4050.

Mobile phone spy software that secretly takes pictures

WiFi spy camera PV-UC10I

  • The camera hidden in the USB smart phone charger, the PV-UC10I model, is a small tool that can not only charge the phone, but also secretly record images during the day and night.
  • The size of the PV-UC10I spy WiFi camera is larger than the above two products, but it also has many advantages that the CAM-L4050 or BU-19 models do not have.
  • Unlimited working time (24-hour control and image recording);
  • Preview the recording in real time, regardless of geographical restrictions;
  • SD card slot (capacity up to 128 GB, almost unlimited recording);
  • Overwrite function, if the SD card has no space, the oldest record will be overwritten by the new record;
  • The viewing angle is the same as BU-19 (78 degrees).

In addition, the camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor and a pinhole lens, so it can provide high-quality images at any time. It offers three resolutions to choose from: WVGA 800x480, HD 1280x720, and Full HD 1920x1080. The spy camera PV-UC10I in the USB charger also has a built-in A/V microphone with a range of up to 6m (slightly smaller than the microphone with the BU-19 mini camera). The product is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. It can operate perfectly under extremely harsh temperature conditions, from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius (which means that in this respect it is not outstanding compared to the aforementioned mini camera models).

Mobile phone spy software that secretly takes pictures

What is the difference between different spy cameras?

As you can see, all of the above products have several advantages that make them stand out from other products. BU-19 is a mini camera, suitable for people who cannot be exposed under any circumstances and who need high-quality recording. PV-UC10I is a large-size camera that provides professional functions. With motion detection, SD card, 24/7 operation, these are just some of the features that distinguish this model and make it a true spy camera. One disadvantage is that it is not completely portable. The first two can be carried with you and can take different forms. But the charger is not as versatile as buttons or humble screws.

All cameras are characterized by high-quality images, so this aspect is not important when choosing a specific model. But before making a final decision, it is necessary to ensure that a particular product is compatible with the operating system of your mobile device. Also worthy of attention are video recorders that can work in many situations. Individual models are equipped with additional features, so everyone will find the equipment that best suits their needs. The market includes professional mini audio and video recorders for cameras. D1 mini recorder is such a device, it provides a wide range of advanced options and the possibility of extended functions. The professional PV-1000 Touch recorder that saves visual files uses the same solution. The device is characterized by a sturdy structure and a large-capacity disk. The touch panel can realize simple and intuitive operation. Another suggestion is a waterproof voice recorder with a 3.5" MP-600HD touch screen, which allows you to work under any conditions. The model is equipped with a motion detector, so images can only be recorded after being detected in a controlled room. Movement The recording function is automatically turned off when it stops, saving you a lot of storage space.

Detective work needs to be carried out cautiously and secretly. Not being discovered by others is the basic prerequisite for obtaining confidential information. Therefore, the use of modern technology is the norm in this industry. For this reason, the professional espionage product industry with a wide range of activities continues to grow.

Useful spy gadgets

The use of most gadgets and modern technologies that you will find in our products. Many of them can be used for professional work as well as daily life, such as detecting and monitoring, ensuring safety, controlling personnel and data, or transmitting important information. In the products we provide, you will find first-class professional equipment and gadgets.

Eavesdropping and eavesdropping detector

In the work of detectives, various eavesdropping detectors and secret eavesdropping equipment are needed. The professional bug and camera detector PRO-W10GX will be used to provide a full range of services for orders aimed at detecting surveillance. It can fully detect analog and digital 0-10 GHz signals, and has two antennas: an omnidirectional antenna and a directional antenna. It can detect the following devices: radio bugs, transmitters installed in power networks, transmitters plugged into telephone lines, wireless cameras, mobile phones, GSM bugs, and GPS locators, which send information about their location through the GSM network. In order to effectively protect the information, Tower-A and Tower-A mini devices can also be used, the purpose of which is to interfere with the microphone in the listening device.

The miniature wiretap used on the cable has a range of 25 m-LL-1 and a working time of up to 50 hours, which is very suitable for imperceptible wiretapping in the room, and the MW-55 stethoscope wiretap, which can work through walls. Material. The second model is more sensitive, it ensures safety and excellent sound quality. The series also includes bugs and cameras hidden in everyday objects, such as flash drives, pens or protectors. You will also find specialized cameras and bug detectors, such as the highly sensitive six-channel digital bug and camera 1207i detector and Raksa-120-camera detector, GSM bug, GPS locator, etc., which can determine the device Location and supports analog and digital frequencies.

Transmission professional equipment: cameras and borescopes

The ER-18HD field tactical head-mounted camera supports a 141-degree viewing angle. It can be successfully used for tactical activities and the work of public officials. It can be connected in several different ways, making it a very versatile device. This set of fasteners allows it to be worn on the epaulettes of the uniform, on the head, and can also be worn on the helmet or helmet. Such a wide range of applications means that it can be used anywhere and under any circumstances.

An equally useful device will be the M3-P borescope with image transmission and night vision capabilities. It is an innovative product necessary for police, firefighters, detectives and special forces. Built-in night vision equipment and 6 mm camera with 2 m cable determine its powerful functions. Police borescopes are used for discreet preview and real-time image transmission via WiFi network. The equipment is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, which is mainly due to the 4-layer material used to manufacture the cable.

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